MMORPGs– From Cheap to Expensive

In my time, I've played a lot of MMOs. In the 2000s, free internet games really flourished, and so any teen with a half decent computer and an email address could play a game like Aeria Games Shaiya. But many of these games don't exist anymore, and even if they do, no one in their right … Continue reading MMORPGs– From Cheap to Expensive


Rendering: Games vs Movies

With every passing year, game engines and hardware become more and more powerful. Each successive triple A title pushes realism and detail just a little bit further, with recent examples being Far Cry 4, Horizon: Zero Dawn, and Uncharted 4. Even games that aren’t triple A are showing the extent that they can deliver realistic … Continue reading Rendering: Games vs Movies

Directx 12, Vulcan, and Draw Calls Two upgrades to current graphics APIs are slowly being picked up by game developers: Directx 12 and Vulcan. These two APIs greatly improve performance by skyrocketing the number of draw calls per frame that a game can send to the graphics card without hurting performance. Microsoft is really doubling down on Directx 12 (not … Continue reading Directx 12, Vulcan, and Draw Calls