Watch Dogs

I was originally planning to talk about AC Unity Dead Kings DLC this week, but the game keeps crashing on me while trying to play DLC missions, so I am going to talk about Watch Dogs instead. When this game originally released, it was also plagued by bugs like AC Unity. Fortunately for me, I … Continue reading Watch Dogs


COD: WWII Reveal

The newest installment for the Call of Duty series has been revealed! Well this may not be news, but the fact that it's not going to be a futuristic war in a galaxy far far away is good news. And to be honest, I only know that was the premise of the previous COD due … Continue reading COD: WWII Reveal

What does Google maps and Ms. Pac-man have in common?

Well, probably not much but you can currently turn google maps into a Ms. Pac-man game right. Apparently Google did this for April fools this year, and though it doesn't really classify as a prank, it is pretty awesome. It's available to play on your phone app and in your web browser. The "levels" … Continue reading What does Google maps and Ms. Pac-man have in common?