Watch Dogs

I was originally planning to talk about AC Unity Dead Kings DLC this week, but the game keeps crashing on me while trying to play DLC missions, so I am going to talk about Watch Dogs instead. When this game originally released, it was also plagued by bugs like AC Unity. Fortunately for me, I … Continue reading Watch Dogs


COD: WWII Reveal

The newest installment for the Call of Duty series has been revealed! Well this may not be news, but the fact that it's not going to be a futuristic war in a galaxy far far away is good news. And to be honest, I only know that was the premise of the previous COD due … Continue reading COD: WWII Reveal

Thoughts on Orisa

It's been a month now since Orisa was released in Overwatch. Although that is a substantial amount of time for players to spend hundreds of hours (potentially), I've finally been able to spend just a few hours (2-3) playing with this newest hero addition. First thing I'll say, is that I have thoroughly enjoyed playing … Continue reading Thoughts on Orisa


Is this the Ryze of AMD?

AMD released a new CPU line about a month ago, and revealed a new GPU architecture coming before mid year. In the past, their new releases aren't always compelling. This is usually due to AMD's hardware not being all that advanced, when compared to Intel, but it looks like AMD is finally competing with Intel for … Continue reading Is this the Ryze of AMD?


AC: Unity

I pre-ordered Assassin's Creed:Unity back when it came out towards the end of 2014. This was also the last time I looked forward to the release of a AC game. That particularly has a lot to do with the terrible release of bug filled AC game. At the time, I was getting back into PC … Continue reading AC: Unity


What does Google maps and Ms. Pac-man have in common?

Well, probably not much but you can currently turn google maps into a Ms. Pac-man game right. Apparently Google did this for April fools this year, and though it doesn't really classify as a prank, it is pretty awesome. It's available to play on your phone app and in your web browser. The "levels" … Continue reading What does Google maps and Ms. Pac-man have in common?


Revisiting Super Meat Boy

I have a terrible habit of playing  a new game while i'm already playing a game, thus leaving the previous game(s) unfinished. Then I come back somewhere down the road to continue playing that game. And sometimes, it's years down the road. This doesn't happen with every game, but it's vicious enough to be a … Continue reading Revisiting Super Meat Boy