Overwatch Uprising and how to fit PvE in a MOBA

When it comes to MOBA games, it's hard to dispute that Overwatch is ruling the gaming scene. With the backing of a big company like Blizzard and the capabilities to craft a well built and well maintained game, it was clear from the beginning that Overwatch was going to be a winner, with beginning sales … Continue reading Overwatch Uprising and how to fit PvE in a MOBA


MMORPGs– From Cheap to Expensive

In my time, I've played a lot of MMOs. In the 2000s, free internet games really flourished, and so any teen with a half decent computer and an email address could play a game like Aeria Games Shaiya. But many of these games don't exist anymore, and even if they do, no one in their right … Continue reading MMORPGs– From Cheap to Expensive

The Last Days of Destiny

So it's official-- Destiny 2 comes out September 8th of this year, and with it comes the inevitable discontinuation of the original. The game has given us many years of content by this point-- albeit at the cost of $60 for the base game and $40 for each expansion-- but it has been a hell … Continue reading The Last Days of Destiny


A D&D Podcast that will make you laugh… and cry

So when I wrote about Heroes and Halfwits many months ago, it was the first time I'd ever really experienced Dungeons and Dragons. I didn't know much, except that there was a lot of dice rolling and stat building, but I felt like I learned a lot from listening to it. Their Dungeon Master Frank … Continue reading A D&D Podcast that will make you laugh… and cry


The mistake that is ME: Andromeda

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7KWkao73HuU I can't believe how wrong this game went.... I'm glad I didn't spend the $60 price tag on ME:A because now that I've seen the footage of the game, I can't forgive this hideous mess. I sat down and made the choice to watch gameplay from Andromeda, because I thought maybe people were wrong, maybe the game … Continue reading The mistake that is ME: Andromeda


Orisa shifts the scales…

The new Overwatch character Orisa finally launched this Tuesday, and as is common for Overwatch character releases, everyone flocked to her like seagulls to a french fry. In every match I've played this week, not once did I get the chance to play as Orisa. Every match I entered, she was taken before I even … Continue reading Orisa shifts the scales…


Tay Plays Final Fantasy VX- Chapter 2

When last we left our heroes- Insomnia has fallen, and the heroes are left feeling lost with their home destroyed. Searching for answers, they return to Hammerhead, expecting to find the famous Crownsguard Cor waiting to give them answers. However, instead of finding Cor, they find rain-- and Cid. Though they've met Cid and Cindy … Continue reading Tay Plays Final Fantasy VX- Chapter 2