Overwatch Uprising and how to fit PvE in a MOBA

When it comes to MOBA games, it's hard to dispute that Overwatch is ruling the gaming scene. With the backing of a big company like Blizzard and the capabilities to craft a well built and well maintained game, it was clear from the beginning that Overwatch was going to be a winner, with beginning sales … Continue reading Overwatch Uprising and how to fit PvE in a MOBA


MMORPGs– From Cheap to Expensive

In my time, I've played a lot of MMOs. In the 2000s, free internet games really flourished, and so any teen with a half decent computer and an email address could play a game like Aeria Games Shaiya. But many of these games don't exist anymore, and even if they do, no one in their right … Continue reading MMORPGs– From Cheap to Expensive

The mistake that is ME: Andromeda

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7KWkao73HuU I can't believe how wrong this game went.... I'm glad I didn't spend the $60 price tag on ME:A because now that I've seen the footage of the game, I can't forgive this hideous mess. I sat down and made the choice to watch gameplay from Andromeda, because I thought maybe people were wrong, maybe the game … Continue reading The mistake that is ME: Andromeda