GTA: Change of Pace

This is my last blog for this site.  The semester is over, and I was an editor for this page for only a few months.  Everything I've done so far was for a grade, and I feel like I was restricted some for this blog. I want to create a new solo blog just for … Continue reading GTA: Change of Pace


GTA Contact Mission Grinding part 2

Just like part 1, part 2 is also a WALKTHROUGH.  If you haven't read my part 1, you can find it here.  This post is also long, so if you don't want to read this just look at the pictures and you'll get the just of the missions and how to breeze through them quickly.  … Continue reading GTA Contact Mission Grinding part 2

GTA Contact Mission Grinding part 1

This is a WALKTHROUGH.  It's long and pertains to the quickest way to complete contact missions.  Specifically, the three contacts who give the easiest missions are Gerald, Simeon, and Ron.  Their missions are barely-need-to-try-at-all EASY.  You'll be spending 50% or more time waiting at the drop off not finishing the mission to get the maximum … Continue reading GTA Contact Mission Grinding part 1


GTA Money Making

This is not a guide.  If you came here to read about how to find the best money making techniques I'd ask you to go to GTA Series Videos YouTube page to find their money making videos.  They are the most thorough GTA YouTuber I know.  Other YouTubers will help you as well, but they … Continue reading GTA Money Making


GTA Gunrunning DLC

There is this unreleased future DLC that is planned to be release in the summer.  The new DLC is an add-on to the CEO Organization called The Gunrunning DLC.  It looks to be related to merry weather/military.  The long-awaited military release is finally here! GUNRUNNING AND MORE COMING LATER THIS SPRING & SUMMER Stock up … Continue reading GTA Gunrunning DLC


GTA Favorite Vehicles

Grand Theft Auto is well-known for its fancy vehicles.  The game always has so many styles and it's my favorite part of the game.  The developers sometimes will hide very nice cars in special areas. I still remember finding the Banshee in GTA 3 and was so amazed by its appearance.  Additionally, in GTA 4 … Continue reading GTA Favorite Vehicles


Grand Theft Auto – Vehicle Collection

GTA 5 is very different when it comes to how you obtain cars compared to other GTA games.  For some reason, the title says grand theft auto and the online version of the game has barriers preventing the player from stealing vehicles.  A mechanical device built into the car called a tracker.  When visiting a … Continue reading Grand Theft Auto – Vehicle Collection