Watch Dogs

I was originally planning to talk about AC Unity Dead Kings DLC this week, but the game keeps crashing on me while trying to play DLC missions, so I am going to talk about Watch Dogs instead.

When this game originally released, it was also plagued by bugs like AC Unity. Fortunately for me, I decided to wait until these issues were fixed and that saved me a lot of headaches. I also don’t have any reason to talk about those bugs because they didn’t effect me at all. Yay!

After the reveal of the this game, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. The concept of the game seemed unique and I love a dark story.


The game did not disappoint me in either of those two aspects. Which sadly, is something the gaming community (supposedly) didn’t enjoy as much as I did. The protagonist Aiden was the driving force behind the dark tone, but the gaming community supposedly didn’t like his character. Thus this is why we have Marcus in Watch Dogs 2, as well as completely different tone. I enjoyed the crime fighting aspect of Watch Dogs, and I enjoyed the story in it’s entirety, minus Clara dying. The only thing I found that could use improvement was the driving mechanics. They were very odd and difficult to get used to. Of course plenty of people had complaints about the graphics being lower quality than Ubisoft had shown, but graphics don’t define a great game but rather enhance it. Thus, that didn’t bother me.

2015-01-04_05-29-59.jpg I spent plenty of time exploring and paying attention to people’s information. I found a former Abstergo employee among the NPCs.

Two aspects from the first Watch Dogs that was dropped in the 2nd, is the dark tone and the vigilante protagonist. Although I loved these in the first one, it would be hard to image them in the 2nd game. Watch dogs 2 does emphasize more on corporate evil (white collar crime and an unjust system) and does away with fighting street criminals. It was fair for the developers to change this and this results in a very different game from the first. Each game is unique even though they exist in the same world. I feel that by the time I am done with Watch dogs 2, I will cherish it nearly as much as the first.



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