Overwatch Uprising and how to fit PvE in a MOBA

When it comes to MOBA games, it’s hard to dispute that Overwatch is ruling the gaming scene. With the backing of a big company like Blizzard and the capabilities to craft a well built and well maintained game, it was clear from the beginning that Overwatch was going to be a winner, with beginning sales sending the game into huge marketable success and loot box sales keeping it thriving almost a year later. And with consistent content updates coming every few months, the game has yet to fail on delivering something interesting that brings back players who have strayed.

With Uprising, we see the second time that the game makers have released a PVE content event, the first being Junkenstein’s Revenge back in October. In both, we find a group of 4 predetermined heroes battling a horde of enemies with set difficulties, except it seems that Uprising tried to improve upon it’s successor by using a map players were familiar with and having them move around the area into different zones in a point capture style. Like Junkenstein, the player battles against both non-hero NPCs and hero NPCs, in the form of Bastion units and OR14s, the predecessor to the new hero Orisa.

Interestingly enough, you would think PvE has no place in a MOBA. By definition, it is a multiplayer online battle arena, a term that we tend to think implies PvP, player vs player combat, but it doesn’t technically mean that they cannot cooperate. And fascinatingly enough, players seem to really like PvE events in Overwatch, and really like the idea of not having to worry about their competitive scores and just play against computers like a less stressful version of the game. Yet so many MOBAs fail at incorporating PvE, or do not try, so it is strange to think that Blizzard has accomplished this so well with Uprising. Perhaps it is the difficulty ratings, and the well formed team composition in Junkenstein and Uprising that make it such a fun game mode, but I certainly hope that this level of expert game crafting continues on into the second year of Overwatch, and hopefully the years to come.

All in all, I really liked playing Uprising, and I hope for more unique game types like it in the future! (especially so people learn how to be good at these characters, haha)



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