COD: WWII Reveal

The newest installment for the Call of Duty series has been revealed! Well this may not be news, but the fact that it’s not going to be a futuristic war in a galaxy far far away is good news. And to be honest, I only know that was the premise of the previous COD due to trailers and trash talk about the game. What was it’s name again?? I personally began to lose interest in the modern warfare series when 3 was released. Originally excited for 3 due to the majestic being of Modern Warfare 2, I was disappointed (mostly with the multiplayer).

Brutal honesty, the last time I was an avid COD player was with Black ops I & II (mostly I). I’ve had Black Ops III since last black Friday and well… it’s collecting more dust than saved games. That might also be due to the fact that I stated playing it on realistic for no damn good reason, and lost interest. I’ll likely get around to playing it this summer when I have more time, but I probably won’t spend much time on the multiplayer.

OK, I got off track but it was fairly relevant to this post. With my lack of interest in the series in a LONG time, I have been struck with curiosity and want to see more about this one after the reveal. I’ve already done a considerable amount of research but the resources are not unlimited. Probably the most interesting part is that the developers have been aiming to create WWII with historical accuracy, and that accuracy generally interest me. That they are not going to tip toe around the fact that the holocaust happened and represent it in respectful fashion. This is something that prior WWII games haven’t done, so I am genuinely interested to see how they approach this and delivery.

Video games have to ability and power to give us visual representations of historical events. This is something the developers seem to understand very well, and are striving to achieve. I am hoping that they will deliver on this intention. My grandfather fought in several wars including WWII, but he never, ever talked about them. In a way, if they achieve the historical representation they are aiming for, I could potentially understand the experiences he faced during his time fighting in WWII. I could potentially understand the horrors… that kept my grandfather up at night.


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