Thoughts on Orisa

It’s been a month now since Orisa was released in Overwatch. Although that is a substantial amount of time for players to spend hundreds of hours (potentially), I’ve finally been able to spend just a few hours (2-3) playing with this newest hero addition. First thing I’ll say, is that I have thoroughly enjoyed playing with Orisa so far. Of all the tanks, I find that I am capable of fulling the tank’s duty of pushing forward. While at the same time providing protection and fighting, which isn’t something that you can do with the other tank characters.

Although D.Va is capable for a short period of time with the defense matrix, Orisa can protect with the shield and fight. Reinhardt is obviously the biggest protector of all since he has the longest lasting mobile shield, but it can be ineffective when players won’t stay behind it. Which happens all the time. Off all the tanks, I haven’t played with Roadhog at all, so my opinions are excluding him.

Fusion Driver

The main weapon deals a good amount of damage and has great accuracy even at longer distances. Movement is slowed down when shooting, which gets me killed sometimes but that’s usually my own fault. I have to learn to stop shooting and get out of sight. This is of course when my protective barrier is down.


This ability temporarily reduces damaged and you are immune to other characters abilities outside of main weapons. This basically makes you unstoppable for that brief amount of time and is great for countering other players ability attempts such as Pharah’s rocket barrage. It doesn’t help your teammates whatsoever, but that’s their fault. šŸ˜€


This ability is basically a short instance version of Zrya’s graviton surge, minus the damage. So far, I’ve found two great consistent uses for this. One being that I use it to pull players out of their position, when they areĀ out of my current view or from a ledge above me or other players. The second, is I use it when an opponent is near a ledge, where they are capable of falling to their death. šŸ™‚

Protective Barrier

I feel this one needs very little explanation… I love this barrier so far. Besides using it to protect teammates, I use it frequently for my own benefit as well. One of my favorites is that I can use it to protect myself long enough to take out Bastion. Not saying it’s always possible, but it is possible. The shield won’t last long once you have bastion’s immediate attention, but placing and timing can be effective in taking the bastard out. It’s also great when trying to control a point, or taking over a point. In controlling the point, it’s helpful in multiple situations. One is using it in the direction you are shooting, second is using it in an adjacent direction to protect yourself from flanking. The second is most useful when the barrier closes off a gaping. That’s also mostĀ useful when a sniper is in that direction.


ThisĀ ultimate gives you a device that gives you and surrounding teammates a damage boost for 15 seconds. This is great for any situation in which you are killing opponents, which is obviously the whole time. It’s the best though in clutch moments, such as needing to take a point over or you’re going to lose situation. Unlike the GIF, I also put barrier in front of it to protect the device. This gives your team the ability to take over.

So far, I like the combination of Orisa’s abilities the most out of the tank heroes. There’s a good balance between all of them, that makes her a more effective tank in more possible situations.


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