GTA Contact Mission Grinding part 2

Just like part 1, part 2 is also a WALKTHROUGH.  If you haven’t read my part 1, you can find it here.  This post is also long, so if you don’t want to read this just look at the pictures and you’ll get the just of the missions and how to breeze through them quickly.  This post will specifically talk about the three contacts Trevor, Martin, and Lester who typically have a more challenging series of missions.  I haven’t quite figured out which is the most practical time limit for every mission, but it varies between 15 – 18 minutes.  After that, you don’t get any more extra money.  Every mission pays between $10k – $44k after you’ve played it once already.  The first time varies a lot more, but I can’t remember cause it has been three years by now.  I think the most I’ve ever gotten from a mission was 68k for completing it for the first time and it’s one of those six-man missions.  I’d prefer not to review those because they’re a waste of time usually.  Servers suck, and you can’t always rely on randoms.

Lester – High Priority Case

For the longest time, I could not complete this mission on my own.  The game doesn’t really tell you what to do either.  You spawn at the base of a construction site for an unfinished skyscraper.  And it tells you to retrieve the briefcase.  To a novice of the game, you’d run around for a while trying to figure out where this green dot is on the map as well as how to get to it on the top of the building.

There is a ladder with two security guards at the bottom.  I’d tell you to ignore this ladder and the security guards, but this is the only way to do the mission if you chose against the helicopter route.

I prefer the helo route, and I usually call up Pegasus because I own a Buzzard.  But I’ll explain both ways.  However, if you want to do it solo without a helo, you’re ready for a challenge like no other in this game.   It is not an easy task.

SOLO, no helo:
1. you need a parachute.  Luckily, you spawn next to Ammunation, so you don’t have to worry.
2.  You need a full load of snacks.  Use them wisely.
3. Have a good protective vehicle close by the ladder.  You might want to position it a little bit of a distance from the ladder because you’ll be using grenades when you’re on your way down.  And blowing up your getaway vehicle is more frustrating.
4.  Don’t kill the guards by the ladder

Ladder section:  You’ll want to climb the never-ending ladder up to the top of the crane overlooking the building.  Unfortunately, this ladder does not connect to the building.  Rockstar disabled the elevator… >:/  The link provided shows YouTuber Daithi De Nogla playing the mission, and there are some aspects of their run that can help, but also you can see how difficult the mission can be.

Once you reach the top, my suggestion is to stand behind a wall and shoot anyone you can see standing on the ramp and the top floor.  The enemy will be underneath you so most likely when you peak around someone might shoot at you.  Climbing the ladder is the hardest part of the mission making sure you don’t die at this part.  Because most of the mission is climbing up and down this ladder and at the top are the most guys in the entire mission.

After you’ve managed to kill all the guys on the roof, you have two options:

  • Option 1: you will need to walk across the crane arm and jump off to deploy your parachute as quickly as possible.  Once you jump just spam the open parachute button.
    Pros, you’re on the building quicker, and it doesn’t require much platforming skill to do.
    Con, you will need to walk a small beam to get to the ladder to climb down, which has a very high chance of failure, and you’ll have to climb the ladder again.
  • Option 2: don’t use your parachute, and do what Daithi De Nogla did to get down to the balance beam that connects the buildings together.
    Pros, you can use your parachute to jump off the building later, and you won’t have to use the ladder again to get back down.
    Con, there is a much higher chance of failure.

*** Start here for Option 3  ***  Option 3, is for helos’ refer to this part of the walkthrough to get the Briefcase Section.

Briefcase section:  I usually go into first person mode and look down my site as I walk down the ramp checking corners.  Sometimes an NPC will sneak up the ramp and shoot you.  Not all of them taunt you so watch out for them.

4aThe next floor down sometimes has a guy hiding behind the pillar; it depends on how long it takes for you to kill the people on the top level.  But don’t count on that happening often.  Here you can see his body to the right of my cursor.  I was lucky to get the occurrence to happen on my second attempt (as you can see the lighting difference between photos).

5Once you get to the bottom floor of the roof kill any stray guys who are hiding behind random debris.  Pay attention to the people in the middle area where the green blip is for the briefcase.  Sometimes they turn on each other and kill each other; sometimes they don’t and try to gang up on you all at once.  Just pay attention to use the pillars and cover to your advantage.
Once you have killed all of them, grab the briefcase

7.jpgThen run to the edge and look towards the Maze bank.  A helo will start approaching your direction, and you want to shoot a homing missile as quick as you can lock on.  If you miss most likely the people in the passenger seats will use their skilled aimbot to snipe you from an inconceivable distance.

This is the fun part.

Delivery section:  Depending on what option you took is how you’ll finish the mission.   Option 2, is the easiest one and you’ll just parachute off.  Be wary of the bodyguards who attack in black SUV’s.  There will be 3.  Quickly get into your supercar, armored car or behind a well-protected wall and kill the 3 SUV’s.  The rest of the mission is self-explanatory.

Option 3:  Now go back to your helo and deliver.

Mission Passed!

However, if you did Option 1, You will need to climb back down the ladder.  But how do you get to the ladder?
You have to walk a balance beam across to the crane.  2 red metal beams connect the building to the crane.  I prefer 1st person and looking through the iron sights of the weapon, so I know I can walk the beam correctly.

Once you get to the edge, you have to jump down to the next level to get onto the platform to access the ladder.

Stay in 1st person because that is the only way you’re going to be able to grasp the ladder and go down.  For some reason, the climb down animation doesn’t trigger in 3rd person, and you just run off the edge.  I’ve died many times from just walking off the edge, so you have to be patient and precise.  Don’t run at all here.

I’ve had a successful experience where the two guards blew up both vehicles somehow, and it saved my trip to Lester’s warehouse.  But that was pure luck.  You most likely will hear the guards die and the stupid guards will be taunting you till they can see you again.  I’d say about two platforms before you reach the bottom the guards can see you, so you’ll want to throw some grenades down to the lower floor.  If you have a grenade launcher be careful and not bounce the grenades toward you.

Sometimes only one of the vehicles will arrive, and the guys will be standing behind their car somewhat far away from the ladder base.  I don’t know what to say other than doing your best and try not to die.  Yeah sounds encouraging, but the game has all kinds of variable, and I can’t predict them all.  Just be sure to lob enough grenades or explosives down to save yourself from the ladder dismount.  That stupid animation is a bit slow for some reason, and there’s been a-many-a-time I’ve died on this last part of the ladder sequence.  Having to climb up and back down again.

Get in your car; you might encounter one more wave of SUV back up.  Just blow them up.  There should be only three cars to give you reference. No need to worry about those guys cause you’ve already gotten this far.  Don’t wanna die here.  Drop off the briefcase at the warehouse, and you’ll get maximum pay.  I’d say the mission takes about 20-25 minutes if you do it this way.  That is about 5-10 minutes more than you want to take for the mission.

Mission Passed!

*** Option 3:  Helicopter!!

If you spawned at the construction site, you’d need to get into a car and drive under the freeway where the highway overhangs the road.
Call Pegasus here. If you don’t your helo spawns on top of the hospital in the ghetto, over by the impound parking lot.  It’s better to go to the docks because there’s no ladder to climb.
Stay about this distance away and allow the helo to lock onto the enemies.  Getting close will damage and perhaps cause more issues for you later.

3Land Here.  Refer back to the spot where I say *** Start here for Option 3  ***  except after you blow up the helicopter run upstairs and get in the helo.

Mission Passed!

This route takes about 8 minutes, and you might need to wait for about seven more before you get maximum payout.  It’s between 18k and 34K.

Martin – Check out time

This is far the easiest mission in the entire game, and you get bank for completing it. Your objective is to kill a witness, take their photo, and deliver it to Martin Madrazo.  You will have a brief scuffle with the cops, but that’s not too extraordinarily hard.  Just hide somewhere in the consturction site or find a really convenient path around them in the city on your way to Madrazo’s home.

This is where you spawn.  Get this person before they make it to the next intersection.

3Stop in front of them.  Careful!! As soon as you point a gun at them, they will drive like a crazy person, so you’ve gotta be quick.

4Take a picture for evidence.  I learned you could take a picture in or out of your car and it doesn’t matter.  It also doesn’t matter if you can see the body either.  I Usually just photograph the car.

5.jpgImmediately to the right is a construction yard where you can hide from the cops.  Or if you go further there is a subway station that can be easily accessed by going over a handicap ramp.
Then drive to Madrazo’s house.  Eazy and you get a lot of money!last

Trevor – Diamonds are for Trevor

Trevors missions are usually gofor missions.  Grab a car, a bike, a boat… So it’s fairly easy.  This one was one of my favorites, so I chose this one to review.  Overall I believe you should be reasonably proficient with a sniper rifle and flying.  Otherwise, it will be slightly more difficult for you, but still doable.

You start in Paleto Bay behind the mod shop.  Call up Pegasus, and you can get your helo behind the police station.  You’ll pass by the diamonds but just grab the helo first.  Another note,  there are no cops and the clock is stuck at 21:00 so the photo qualities aren’t the best due to the low light.

13.jpgThe distance traveled is fairly far so feel free to open the image in a separate tab to take a closer look.  I circled all the major points visited in the mission.

The white car is spawn, and these are the paleto bay important locations.

Just like the Base Invaders and High Priority Case mission allow the helo to lock onto the enemies and just blow them up with rockets.  Very quick and easy task.  Be wary that the diamonds are down there so don’t just go H.A.M. on everything.

3You can find the diamonds behind the portable trailer left of the white missile cursor.

Go ahead and over the yellow checkpoint, it will prompt you to grab the boat.

Land the helicopter on this sandy part on the beach to the right of the pier.  Get in the boat and jam it underneath the pier, so it doesn’t float out to sea.

6Drive it all the way under, if not you’ll have to swim out and catch it.  Immediately after acquiring the boat three groups of enemies spawn, 2 boats, and one helicopter.  Jump out of the boat and get into your helicopter as quick as you can.  Make your character jump to walk faster because your character will walk slower in the wet sand.

7The boats will not spawn until you blow up the helo, be prepaired for that.  The helicopter is fairly far away when it spawns so you have enough time to fly up to a high location like the house on the beach and snipe from there.  I like to snipe from the house because it is good practice with the sniper, and if you’re doing this mission over and over you’d like to have some variety.  You can always fly over with the helo and blow them up but after about 20x that is relatively lackluster.

I’m also making this walkthrough fairly simple for those who want more cash.  If you want to do everything as fast as possible you’ll earn less.

8Here is the house I’m speaking of.  Just jump out and aim at the helo.

9You can easily snipe them out of the cockpit or blow them up from that distance.

10Once you blow up the helo search the waters neary by to the lower right and you’ll see some headlights on the surface.  There should be a set of 2 headlights but sometimes that doesn’t always happen.  But there are 2 boats.

11For some reason, during my attempt one of the boats beached itself so I had to get back into my helo and blow it up.  But here is an image of me sniping one of the boats.  Sniping the watercraft is a bit more difficult because they’ve got a large metal barrier in front of the passenger’s heads, so you have to hit them when they’re turning.  After a few atempts at shooting them, they’ll start to sail in circles in panic.  They also eventually get closer; at some point it is in their code to land on the beach.

12After acquiring the boat, you’ll need to travel a ways south to the oceanic highway bridge just north of the military base.  There will be a three-man ambush on the pier before you get there.  You can avoid them, but why waste some RP?  They’re easy pickings.

14And due to the amount of time, it takes to do this mission you’ll get about $25K – $45K  every time.   If you make it last longer than 15 minutes, you’ll get a tiny bit more.

Mission Complete!

In conclusion to my Grinding Contact Mission Walkthrough, these six missions are all of the simple/hard missions of GTA that give you a good profit with little effort.




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