Dark Souls 3 has a lot of stats

Hey guys. I recently got DS3 while it was 50% off on a midweek steam sale. This game is dang good. I’ve have played both of the previous games, and neither really grabbed my attention. Now, however, I see the magic of this series. Impressive level design, varied mechanics, interesting enemies and atmosphere.

It’s a very neato game. However, now that I find myself getting further into it, and leveling up my character a lot, I realize, there’s a ton of numbers in this game and I don’t know what half of them do.

Here’s some stats you can level up:











Here are some stats that those stats affect:




-Equip Load


-Item Discovery

-Attunement Slots

-Physical Defense

-VS strike

-VS slash

-VS thrust

-Magic Defense

-Fire Defense

-Lightning Defense

-Dark Defense

-Bleed Resistance

-Poison Resistance

-Frost Resistance

-Curse Resistance

-Damages for your R and L hand weapons and all their different attacks


It’s… A lot. And to figure out what they all do is a game on it’s own. I’ve spent so much time tracking down the tons of different things that each of these stats affect.

Strength, for instance, affects the weapons you can equip, the damage they do, your overall defense, and, strangely, fire resistance.

With each stat affecting so many different aspects of your character, it’s incredibly difficult to balance them all and can lead to a variety of incredibly complex character builds.


Hardest part of the game tbh


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