Directx 12, Vulcan, and Draw Calls

Two upgrades to current graphics APIs are slowly being picked up by game developers: Directx 12 and Vulcan. These two APIs greatly improve performance by skyrocketing the number of draw calls per frame that a game can send to the graphics card without hurting performance. Microsoft is really doubling down on Directx 12 (not to anyone’s surprise, they made it) based on the recently released specifications for Project Scorpio. Built into the Scorpio system is a piece of hardware that conglomerates draw calls before they reach the graphics card to improve efficiency. This upgrade along with a few other things will allow Scorpio, based on what Microsoft has promised and shown in some short tech demos, to run games at 60 frames per second at a resolution of 4k. If Scorpio lives up to what has been promised, it will be a huge step forward for consoles and take the award for the most powerful console ever released by a significant margin.


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