The Last Days of Destiny

So it’s official– Destiny 2 comes out September 8th of this year, and with it comes the inevitable discontinuation of the original. The game has given us many years of content by this point– albeit at the cost of $60 for the base game and $40 for each expansion– but it has been a hell of a journey. Together we faced the Vault of Glass, Crota, Oryx, and many others, but now it’s time to celebrate those times.

All the seriousness aside, I’ve had a lot of fun with this game. I only have one friend who plays the game, unfortunately, so I’ve never been able to play the raids and complete them, but I’ve enjoyed myself regardless. Playing quests and patrols mindlessly while listening to a podcast is one of my favorite pass times, and having my own goal in mind– the goal to max my Light level and finish all my quests– it is more fun than anything the game has ever told me to do.

This last hurrah is a hell of a way to finish up the game, and I’m glad game makers decided to do it. So to all you Destiny players out there who’ve dropped the game in the last few months, it’s worth picking it up again just one last time. Play some hard raids, make some friends to take with you to Destiny 2, and have some fun. It’ll be well worth it.


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