GTA Contact Mission Grinding part 1

This is a WALKTHROUGH.  It’s long and pertains to the quickest way to complete contact missions.  Specifically, the three contacts who give the easiest missions are Gerald, Simeon, and Ron.  Their missions are barely-need-to-try-at-all EASY.  You’ll be spending 50% or more time waiting at the drop off not finishing the mission to get the maximum profit at the end.

Simeon:  Blow Up 1

Simeon asks you to go blow up a rival car dealerships vehicles.  Once you blow them up, you get a wanted level, and the cops are on top of the crime and will show up much quicker than if you obtained a wanted level in Freeroam.  It’s not impossible to escape the cops, but it takes a few extra minutes.

4Your drop off point is the parking lot behind Simeon’s car dealership near the dumpster and behind the Ammunation.

The technique I use is to reposition the cars into a location where they all touch.  I don’t bother blowing them up immediately.
I find placing them together makes them blow up in one go.

I put a remote detonated sticky bomb under one of the cars centered within the car pileup you made, preferably, so when you blow up the vehicles you don’t have to go back and figure out which one didn’t blow up,  Only use 1 remote bomb because they cost $600 and you aren’t making more than $18K.  At most you’ll hear 3 explosions, but it’s best if you only hear one.  It will be faint, so make sure you aren’t listening to music when you decide to detonate.  After I place the sticky bomb down and make sure all of the cars are against each other I drive to the drop off parking spot and wait about 10 minutes.  Sometimes it takes about 5 minutes at most to do the mission, but have a timer ready when you start the mission so you can get between 15-17 minutes per mission.  Rockstar nerfed the time limits around Fall 2013, so people waste more time in missions instead of completing them as fast as possible.  That decision made it better for them, so people aren’t making money as quick giving them better shark card sales.  If you think its best to do the mission as fast as possible stacking the loading times onto the mission time, then go ahead.  I learned doing the mission at the max time is best for my style.


Ron: Base Invaders [No Cops and No Military Base Alarm]
This mission has multiple completion styles, but they still have to worry about wanted levels.  I have my own that is very quick and painless.  I would prefer to share a video and explain what they did wrong than to write a whole entire paragraph on what you’ll see and hear.  A YouTuber I found has discovered a technique very closely resembling mine, this person has done it nearly flawless except they made a mistake in the beginning.  Here is A1Getdismoney‘s video at 45seconds his friend enters the plane.  Worst decision ever made. Not only is this spawning the objective on the minimap (handicap), it also spawns more enemies at the base, and a wanted level once you blow up the 1st jet, plus the base alarm alerting all the military folk.   Don’t bother even getting near that plane in the beginning.  Do what the YouTuber did.

Drive to the other side of the railroad tracks call up Pegasus and collect the buzzard at the sandy shores airport.  The railroad thing is a bit buggy so you might want to drive to the next intersection as long as you don’t go past the palms your ok.

If you drive further, it spawns at the grapeseed airport, and if you don’t go over the tracks, it spawns at the grapeseed airport.  Wasting your time.  You don’t want it to spawn here.  Its on the other side of the lake and its a pain to drive over there.

Proceed to do as he does in the video if you want to have a quick and easy escape.

5Personally, I would rather cook up some time to get maximum payout, so I spend about 4 more minutes in the base killing all the enemies that spawn.  After the first few tries, you find a repetitive spawn location highlighted with the red lock-on target on the helo UI.

Just keep blowing up the military enemies, and you’ll work your way to the furthest jet at the end of the runway.  I have not found a pattern to the spawn yet, but I think they spawn 5x per location near the spawned vehicles.  Just keep blowing them up as they show up in your lock-on target.  3 cars spawn, one jeep and two barracks trucks with tarps.  Blow up those as well to kill the drivers inside.
At 3:40ish in the video, he says that there are an unlimited number of enemies to kill.  This is also wrong.  The maximum number of kills is 68.  After that, there will be no more enemies spawned.

After you’ve collected the cargobob in the hangar land the helo on the sandy shores Helipad where you picked up the buzzard.  Then get out of the buzzard run over to the plane that you avoided in the beginning, and you’ll promptly get 5 stars; however, cops don’t show up.  Walk into the cargobob pilot seat, and you’ve completed the mission.

If you killed all the enemies to where they didn’t spawn anymore, you could complete the mission by getting into the pilot seat right away.  If you did not.  You could wait before you get into the airplane seat to avoid possible police activity when you get in.  But cops don’t spawn in this maps, so it prolly doesn’t matter if you have stars.  The only difference is the military base alarm.  When the alarm is tripped the spawn locations are a lot more random, they spawn behind your character or in blind spots (walls) in front.

Gerald: Hit ‘Em Up
This is Gerald’s longest and hardest mission which is, to say the least — a joke.  Use Ripfury video as a guide.  Personally, I think this mission is best done with 4 people.  However, not everyone has that many friends who play GTA all the time, and if you did why the hell are you playing this mission?  Go play a heist.  I’ll explain the 4 man first then the 2 man afterward.  It’s doable with 1 man but all that is said is you need a helo.

For a 4 person mission study the layout first before you complete it.  Because only you will know where the spawns are after playing it once or twice.

But I know for a fact that Big T., the gang member you need to kill, is held up in a parking lot closest to the spawn at New Do Barber Shop.  If you want to wait for one of your friends to spawn a helicopter and drive to it that also helps you finish the mission with maximum time.  The person with the helo should fly to the final spawn near Trevor’s trailer.  There is an abandoned hotel with a messedup swimming pool and collapsed roof that has a large base of gang members.  The helo can handle it.

2.jpgThe next best thing is to have one person start driving north towards sandy shores on the freeway.  I think its best to just drive off the cliff and land into the freeway like in this image.

By the time the first gang member is killed the 2nd person will be close enough to the 2 vans that spawn on the freeway.  The vans pull out of the water treatment plant on the right side where the huge water pipe climbs the hill.  A heed of warning there are a few gang members in the vans who have aimbot on so they’ll nearly kill you if you aren’t careful.

The SUV with Little T. in the front is the one you should blow up.  But it doesn’t hurt to kill the other.  It will only give you more experience, so it’s not that big a deal.

The 3rd person should head out to the farm that’s past the makeshift construction yard / dirt bike track.  You can easily find it cause there are two construction cranes nearby.


This person should use a supercar and will want to drive from the very beginning of the mission and not bother with anything else.


Most likely you won’t make it in time to scout the place before the vans are blown up, but in case you do Small F. will either be near the dirt mound around back.  Its covered by the tree’s shadow.

He also spawns inside the fence by the windmill where all the cars that eventually spawn on the road.  Placing a few sticky bombs around the area should make it easier for you, or you can just kill the gang members inside your car as you drive quickly around the area.  There is an off chance that Small F. will spawn in other locations, but it’s not common.

Lastly, after everyone has killed their target they should head over to the sandy shores hotel I mentioned earlier.  This makes it a bit easier for the helo pilot.  Even though they don’t need it.  Not everyone is that great at flying so they may need some backup.  I strongly suggest the person flying the helo is good tho.  It’s a waste of time if they aren’t.  Terrance is on the second floor where the roof collapsed.  There are four gang members and a random hobo with guns.  After Terrance is killed the game will prompt you to kill everyone else.  So you should have about 10 or 15 more gang members to kill and then the mission is over.  If you spent your 15 minutes killing the first few people you don’t have to wait but you can always land on the adjacent hotel’s roof and listen to the remaining gang member taunt you while the timer runs down.  Make this mission last 17 minutes and you’ll get about $22-25k, lowest is $18k.

Doing the mission with two people you have to worry about time.  There are time limit counters on the bottom right side of the window and its best to be in supercars to do the mission.  Best idea is to split up as well.  The first person to reach the barber shop should throw a grenade over the fence to blow up Big T. he is on the ground level behind the El Camino looking car not parked in a parking spot.
The 2nd person can be driving to the van spawn location near the hydro plant on the freeway.  Little T. is in the front white SUV.  Just throw 2 sticky bombs its $1200 but its easiest.  You could just drive in front of them and kill the person in the passenger seat or shoot the back left wheelwell to shoot the gas tank and it will blow up there too.
@1m54s in the video you see they get out of the car.  Don’t do that either.  Just drive backwards avoiding getting shot.  The Zentorno doesn’t even have a back window so you can’t get shot from behind.  Very easy to do.  The 2nd person should drive here since they were also the one that was heading that way past the vans.  You can take any direction you want to get to the location you just have to be fast and not crash because you only have a few seconds to get there after the vans are blown up.

The 1st person should drive past the person who blew up the vans and head north towards sandy shores so they can get to the abandoned hotel.  It’s not wise to go to the farm because the time limitations.

Terrance is still in the same place so its best to either throw a lob of grenades into the window or just go up there cautiously with a Shotgun or LMG.  Just be warned that they have aimbot so they can shoot you through walls sometimes.



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