Is this the Ryze of AMD?

AMD released a new CPU line about a month ago, and revealed a new GPU architecture coming before mid year. In the past, their new releases aren’t always compelling. This is usually due to AMD’s hardware not being all that advanced, when compared to Intel, but it looks like AMD is finally competing with Intel for the first time in a decade. In short, the Ryzen CPU line   processing capabilities are aimed at competing with Intel’s high end CPUs. Looking at some benchmarks below, you can see that Ryzen 7 1800X benchmarks is extremely close to the i7-6950X, which happens to be priced $1200 higher. What’s more exciting than this information, is that these are only the initial Ryzen releases. AMD has yet to release information on the enthusiast CPU line that is coming next. Being that the i7-6950X is Intel’s highest performance CPU, we can expect AMD’s enthusiast CPUs to outperform this.




So of course this means that this processing power is going to be used for GAMING! (and other things that don’t matter as much) Check out the video below for a demo of Doom being played on Ultra, running on a 4K monitor, and obtaining a near constant 70 FPS. I’m already thrilled at the performance that I’m seeing, at a very reasonable price.

Lastly, AMD has released information on their new GPU architecture called VEGA. The capabilities of the new VEGA based GPUs has impressed me. The amazing aspect of this architecture is that AMD has created a GPU that will no longer be restricted to the VRAM chip on the cards. These GPUs are going to be capable of processing textures, shaders,etc from your actual hard drives or SSDs. Yes, you read that correctly. This is exciting news for gamers and developers. You can check out the video below for yourself.


Yes, AMD is on the Ryze.



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