GTA Money Making

This is not a guide.  If you came here to read about how to find the best money making techniques I’d ask you to go to GTA Series Videos YouTube page to find their money making videos.  They are the most thorough GTA YouTuber I know.  Other YouTubers will help you as well, but they ramble, repeating information and add time to their videos, so they get paid as much as possible with ads.  I reference them several times in this blog post.

I just wanted to talk about what I do to make money while also trying to have fun.  I have one friend I always play with.  You won’t find me online without them because they make the game fun.  We do several things while we play.

We usually play The Fleeca Job one time while were online to get a quick 100k.  Habitually, we split the end price 70-30 and trade off each time, so one person makes the most money each play-through.  If you’re unfamiliar with the heist, most of the time for the best money making techniques, one person makes money while the other does not if you’re nice, you trade off.   The heist has a narrator, Lester, who’s the most annoying person I’ve ever experienced in GTA.  We have played so many times and figured out how to skip most of Lester’s dialogue. Which makes the grind more bearable.  My friend has not played through the entirety of the heists with other players to get access to all of the heists, so we play the same one over and over.  We don’t have enough active friends to play any of the other heists, so that’s why it’s always The Fleeca Job when we get on.


Racing is the other most repeated thing we do.  This isn’t really a money making technique, but if you’re not really paying attention and just having fun, you can scrap in multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars just playing and enjoying yourself.  Usually, I see about 200=300k after about 2 or 3 hours of playtime.  My friend is a good challenge for racing, so we often trade off the wins.  Racing a lot also benefits you tremendously when you’re being pursued by a random player in freemode.  Those random people who just troll other users driving around and crashing into you.  If you’re a good racer, you can easily escape them by going around in circles for a few minutes.  Randoms regularly get bored after a few minutes.

A great transition from random car chases is about our other money making technique.  We often play on the same server but assigned as our own organization for the Import/Export DLC.  Still not a big fan of the garbage DLC, but it does give you money if you’re good at driving and quick at killing NPC’s.  It’s best to be on a low population server when doing these missions because they are a big waste of time.  You’re sent all over the map to get a fancy car which usually gets damaged as soon as you get into it.  But it sells fairly good when you’ve got the time to team up.  What typically happens when we pick this as our thing to do for the day, is wait till one of us collects a full garage of cars.  Then we’ll work together in the same organization and sell 2 cars at once.  When this happens, the person who’s CEO will get 200k per sell, and it only takes about 15 minutes to sell.


It’s been a while, but back when there weren’t VIP or CEO organizations, we would grind missions.  We sometimes still play them but they aren’t as fun as the other activities stated above.  I would need to make an entirely new post to go into further detail.  But these are the missions we play over and over and over to get the most efficient value for our time:

Simeon:  Blow Up 1
Ron: Base Invaders
Trevor: Diamonds are for Trevor & A Titan Job
Martin: Check Out Time (not easy, Judging the Jury & Trash Talk)
Lester: High Priority Case
Gerald: Hit Em Up

Normally, martin’s missions are a bit more challenging compared to everyone else and will take a significantly more time compared to the other missions so when were on the mission selection menu and Martin’s Missions are the only ones available we normally try to pick one of those three.  Usually, Gerald’s missions are garbage and stupid easy, so we spend a lot of time twiddling our thumbs to get the full 16 minute mission time for maximum profit.




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