Siege Y1 Op Summaries Pt. 2

Here’s my second post of R6:Siege Operator summaries. If you’re looking to get into the game and don’t know which character to play, this guide is for you.


Starting from the middle:



Viva la France’!

Doc is a good dude. Heals people and doesn’t afraid of anything. After being born in a hospital, he dedicates his life to hospitality and fun times. More than anything else, Doc hates when his team is being lazy, when he sees a team member laying around and snoozing on the job, he’ll shoot them in the butt and get them jumping up back to work. Play him if you hate lazy bozos and love shooting your team.


Twitch is a good ol’ fashion gamer girl. Her favorite game of all time has to be Drone 2: Electric Boogaloo. She loves streaming that game. Her twitch subscribers donate 300 francs every time she shocks someone in game. Occasionally though, her full time job as a GIGN Special Forces operative calls, and she has to log off her drone game and go shoot bad guys. If you funny shock pranks and RC cars, this is the character for you.


Rook. This is it, boys. The tankiest guy in the game. Dude has so much armor, that he doesn’t even know what to do with it! If he’s not careful, Rook will accidentally spill his giant duffel bag of armor plates all over the place, leaving his vulture teammates to come and steal it all. That’s okay though. Rook doesn’t need all that armor. He knows that the true armor, is inside. And that’s the only armor that really counts. If you like realizing the true power of love and sharing with others, play this dude.


Alright, alright, okay okay I know I said Rook was the tankiest dude in the whole game but actually it’s Montagne. This boy carries around a freaking TRANSFORMING SHIELD WALL. Y’all think I’m joking but honest to god through the entire match this boy carries a giant metal wall around with him. Just, just look at this:

Wild. A mad lad. Play this guy if you like not dying, but also not doing a lot of anything else.




After the WWII thing happened, Germany was banned from taking over the world. “Fine”, they said. “If we can’t take it over though, nobody else can either.” So they dedicated 4 random German citizens to stop future world taker overs.


Before being conscripting into the German Anti-World-Taker-Over squad, Jager was an aspiring EDM musician. With his daftpunk/deadmou5-esque helmet, he toured the lower Germany for years, playing his EDM to the country. He wasn’t very good though, so he had to use his DJing know-how to create a device that could block tomatoes and other garbage that were thrown at him while he was on stage. Coincidentally, in his new life as a AWTO member, this device is incredibly useful for zapping grenades and other bad-boy tossables out of the air. Play this guy if you hate playing catch.


I.Q. stands for Incredible Quester. This nickname was given to her by her fellow peers in the geocaching community. An expert geocacher, I.Q. would use her wrist mounted iphone and geocaching app to locate even the weakest geocache signal in the largest forest in downtown Berlin. Nothing could stop her, until she was randomly selected for the GSG 9 group. Now she is forced to use her incredible geocaching skills to locate meany weeny electronic traps and other nasties left behind by the meany weeny forces she finds herself fighting. Play this chick if you love scavenger hunts.


Benjamin Guppenstahpen, or better known by his roleplaying character, Blitz, was a professional LARPer before being selected for the german team thing. He played paladin, and only paladin, always hiding behind his stupid magical fire shield and deflecting everyone’s attacks. “Nah that didn’t hit me.” “Nah I blocked that one” “Oh whoops you got too close to my magic fire shield and I incenerated you” His LARPing group was incredibly relieved when he was called away to fight terrorism. As for Blitz, he now uses his ‘magical fire shield’, (a big plate of metal with a strobe light attached to the front), to combat terrorism and lead his new LARPing group to victory. Play this guy if you love deflecting magic missiles and love harnessing the raw energy of powerful ancient magical artifacts.


Bandit, a down on his luck german comedian. Not a lot to say about this guy, but he definitely does not know how to shoot a gun or do anything remotely close to combat. He gets by by using his patented ‘bandit shockerooni’ shock-gag toy to zap the other team and prank them mega hard when they go through metal defenses. Play this guy if you love playing funny pranks on your bros.


That concludes my part 2 roundup of Siege operatives. Hope you learned a lot.

Stay tuned for more.

-Tyler Reed



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