GTA Gunrunning DLC

There is this unreleased future DLC that is planned to be release in the summer.  The new DLC is an add-on to the CEO Organization called The Gunrunning DLC.  It looks to be related to merry weather/military.  The long-awaited military release is finally here!

Stock up and bunker down as you take on the craziest militias across the state of San Andreas in another massive update for GTA Online. Featuring brand new weaponized vehicles and exciting new missions, get ready to fight for supremacy in the illegal arms trade and wage war with the latest in high-powered military hardware.  Rockstar Newswire

I first learned this information from GTAExpert, a YouTuber who is also quite active on GTA forums.  His previous video showed some mods made by the community which could be plausible content seen in the next major update.

I’m excited about the content, but at the same time, I am also not excited.  The main reason why I’m excited is the content provides a new slew of items that can be used for roleplaying, hiding from players, and enjoying the game. I can see using these new items for missions and future content as time goes on.  I also hope that it makes for a good source of in-game currency as well, but I’m speculative.  Sometimes Rockstar will patch or create “bugs” that are aimed at fixing quick, easy money making scenarios.  But the overall idea is exciting because the game is heavily based on player vs. player combat.  Giving the option to camouflage yourself in the environment makes combat much more challenging, even if I’m bad at it.
On the other hand, the content is providing the modders (who already have the needs that overpower the players) more reign to troll.  If they create a new slew of weapons, vehicles, and armor to be used to fight other players; it is just adding more to the chaos that already happens in the game.  Also, since they’ve created all these new ways to make money; the new content will destroy the old methods because people will find a new way to grief.  It’s fun at first, you know, putting a proximity mine on the door of Los Santos Customs and waiting for a random to drive into it.  Unfortunately, I’ll see more initiative from those with special weapon upgrades as a disadvantage to those who can’t afford the bunkers.

I wish it weren’t this way, but it is.

I spend a bit of my time waiting for those annoying hydra griefers on my CEO building.  When I know that someone is going to the pier to pick up their airplane, I watch them through the sniper scope to get a quick few shots off.  I’m glad I chose the CEO building next to the beach because people don’t mess with you over there.  Unfortunately, modders can still screw with you while you sit on the couch in the lobby.  It’s just best to leave the session if something like that happens.  But if I get a new upgraded scope; I might see the person over at the pier instead of having to guess where their blip is on the map.  It might make sniping better, I hope.

I recently made friends with someone who has a military themed crew online so it will make our roleplay much more immersive now that we can wear proper camo and drive a few more decent vehicles  I’m most excited about the weapon attachments than anything.  I love sniping from high places so adding long range scopes with thermal/night vision will benefit.  By no means am I good at PVP, but I do like to return the favor to those who wish to screw around too much.


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