Siege Y1 Op Summaries Pt. 1

Here’s my first post of R6:Siege Operator summaries. If you’re looking to get into the game and don’t know which character to play, this guide is for you.

Starting from the top:



This dude has bug-eyes and thermite charges. Most importantly he’s from Plano, TX. So play this guy if you wanna be close to home. He’s got big ol bombs that blow through reinforced barricades that you otherwise normally cannot penetrate.


This guy looks like he’d be really awkward to talk to. But he’s pretty okay for the most part. Has a big ol telescope that he can peer down into and see nearby heartbeats. Play this guy if you like to search for the power of love through the fog of war during a match.


Hates drafts. This guy is really good at putting up door/window barricades. Sure, everyone else can do it too, but he does it the best. Play this guy if you hate people shooting open your door barricades and causing massive drafts.



Girl Power numero uno. If you’re a girl you can only play girl operatives so this should be your first unlock. Ash had a grenade launcher. It’s not good against people, mainly just for blowing holes in walls from really far away. This is surprisingly useful.

SAS Operators:


These guys hate gas.


Thatcher hates gas. But there’s one thing he hates more… electronics. Thatcher throws out lil EMP genades, to mess up everyone’s gameboys so that he can run in and beat them at pokemon. Play Thatcher if you hate the slow growth of global dependency on electronic media consumption.


Okay I know I said SAS dudes hate gas, but this guy actually really likes it. After years of smoking toxic tobacco cigarettes, Smoke has discovered how to use the tobacco in weaponize form. His ability allows you to exhale a loud-ass vape into the room, poisoning anyone who inhales the dankness. Play him if you have a crippling nicotine addiction.


This is the best character. He’s got a big ass hammer. He swings it, and walls fall down. Normally you get shot right after the walls go down, but damn if it doesn’t feel good up until that point. Play him if you like the big bad wolf.


Mute looks kinda creepy, but that’s what happens when no one talks to you as a kid. You stop talking back. Because of his traumatic and quiet childhood, Mute has grown a passion for destroying other childrens toys. He spends the entire beginning of the match capturing and smashing the other players RC cars. Play Mute if you love being a bully who hides his inner pain through outward anger.

This concludes Pt. 1 of my Siege operator summaries. Come back for more




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