Siege is really pretty good

I’ve had Siege for a long time, I’m a die-hard Rainbox 6 fan, but I’d never really played it until recently. Played it a few times when I got it, and thought it was weird and very non-Rainbow6Vegas-y and didn’t have anyone to play with so I stopped.

Now that 2 of my gaming buddies have it, I can finally enjoy this game the way it was meant to be played. Teamwork and bad jokes.

It’s a dang good game, y’all. I don’t think many other games have captured the necessity of teamwork in a way this game has. If you don’t work together, chances are you’re going to loose.

It also has a pace unlike any FPS I’ve seen. Slowing crouch walking around the map, peeking in windows and peering past corners, one room at a time. Normally this is frowned upon, but it Siege this behavior isn’t only common place, it’s necessary. It’s like they took Search and Destroy from CoD and made it into it’s own game, then ramped up the intensity.

I’ll give them credit, for a game based around camping and popping your head just barely around walls to shoot someone, (Things I have always hated in FPS), they somehow made it fun.

Interesting and varied class differences, smooth gun play, unforgiving encounters, and teamwork stand out to make this horrible idea shine as it’s own unique game among countless multiplayer class shooters being released.

I give it a thumbs up.

Check the game out here,



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