Orisa shifts the scales…

The new Overwatch character Orisa finally launched this Tuesday, and as is common for Overwatch character releases, everyone flocked to her like seagulls to a french fry. In every match I’ve played this week, not once did I get the chance to play as Orisa. Every match I entered, she was taken before I even had the chance to click her character icon, so most of what I learned of Orisa is that she is a force to be reckoned with.

I play almost entirely as D.Va and a little as Bastion, two of the most well known heavy hitters of Overwatch, and in all the matches I played against an Orisa I found myself struggling to stay alive and useful to my team. She hits hard and shoots far, and with her Fortify ability and Protective Barrier, it’s hard to hit her effectively as well. I’m certain she’ll soon be an essential component in many team compositions, but unfortunately this means all the traditional heavy hitting tanks and defense heroes will have to switch strategy.

As a D.Va, I’m concerned there won’t be space for me in Overwatch anymore, but hopefully when the scales stop shuddering from Orisa’s 10 ton weight the balance will be found, and we’ll figure out the one or two characters can ruin her and make room for the old tanks again. Maybe it’ll be Symmetra, since Orisa moves very slowly and can’t block the beams, or maybe it’ll be Sombra since she can hack Orisa’s damage negation abilities.

Whoever proves to be a destructive force against Orisa may become a composition requirement, or even my new main, but I’m still waiting for my opportunity to enjoy playing as her rather than against her. So to all new Orisa players, have fun, and to all players dealing with Orisa, good luck.


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