Revisiting Super Meat Boy

I have a terrible habit of playing  a new game while i’m already playing a game, thus leaving the previous game(s) unfinished. Then I come back somewhere down the road to continue playing that game. And sometimes, it’s years down the road. This doesn’t happen with every game, but it’s vicious enough to be a cycle. I can safely say I have 10+ unfinished games on my list to finish, and well, Super Meat boy is one of them. After playing it a few times this week, I remember why it’s been sitting unfinished for at least two years. This is an extremely challenging 2D platformer, that starts off fairly easy and the difficulty progresses to point of wanting to strangle the little guy. There’s a recent comment on the steam page, that simply says “Dark souls 4.” Made you crack up because it feels true.

This video shows the replay of a easier level, and there still plenty of deaths. A cool feature about the replay is that it shows all of your attempts in the one video. There’s so much death!

Even though I love this game to death, It can be extremely frustrating at times. This video shows two guys playing through some levels, and their reaction from beginning to end is spot on. Especially at the bloody end.


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