GTA Favorite Vehicles

Grand Theft Auto is well-known for its fancy vehicles.  The game always has so many styles and it’s my favorite part of the game.  The developers sometimes will hide very nice cars in special areas. I still remember finding the Banshee in GTA 3 and was so amazed by its appearance.  Additionally, in GTA 4 when they had the Turismo car dealership where they had two floors of various colors to choose from.  The developers even hid a Sultan RS in the bushes behind a shanty shack in GTA 4 as well.  The way the developers treat the game in this manner is why I like it so much.  There’s always something new to discover.
Last week I wrote a post on vehicles and my reason for having so many; as well as explaining the total number of vehicles one can own thanks to Rockstars new addition of the 60 car garage.  I also had added a few photos of my vehicles and their special colors.  The post would have been too image heavy if I showed all of my vehicles, but this week I want to show my favorites from the series.

I will use photos found on google due to the fact that there will be repeated images if I chose my own.  The order is organized by the release dates of the game.


StingerGTA3Stinger (GTA 3)  This car was so sleek and fast. It had two unique colors that I couldn’t find on any other sports car in the game: A light blue and a bright orange.  The Kuruma was a sedan that also shared the same colors.  The Yakuza drove this car and was commonly found in a black paint job on the streets.
There is a convertible version (top-down variant) in Liberty City Stories that I also liked as well.


CheetahGTAVCCheetah (GTA VC)  This car had a unique angular shape, also easily identified by its square inset shape on the back.  The Cheetah was also an undercover police car as well which made the car even more unique.  A brand new supercar from GTA Online was released in March 2017 that has similar features as the classic Cheetah.  They called it an Infernus Classic.


SabreTurboGTAVCSabre Turbo (GTA VC, 4, & 5) I loved this car when I first found it in GTA Vice City.  My neighbor next door had a car that looked just like it, in real life, and I always called it by its GTA name.  Not only is this car a beautiful car it has an amazing engine sound as well.  There was also a glitched car that can be obtained from a mission, thanks to YouTuber LieutenantCB17 for documenting this glitch on PS2 and PC.  The Stallion also looks like this car as well, but its handling is significantly different.


CometGTAVCComet (GTA VC, SA, 4)  When I first saw this car I had instantly fell in love with its design.  It had taken the lead as my number one favorite over GTA 3’s Stinger.  The animation to get into the car was to jump over the driver side door, easy access to the seat, and it made the car unique.

CometGTA4StevieThis paint color is a rare paint that is only obtainable during Stevie’s corresponding vehicle quest mission.  I would love to recreate this color in GTAOnline.  I completely forgot about the color until I found this image.  GTA 4’s variant of the comet is my favorite version, because of its lack of a spoiler.  I am not a fan of spoilers and when I found out that the comet in GTA 5 had a permanent spoiler I was deeply disappointed.  Also with the heavy weight of the physics in GTA 4 this vehicle felt perfect for it.  It was very heavy going around corners which made it very easy to drift.

Comet Retro Custom MineComet Retro Custom (GTAO)  The comet is my absolute favorite car in any of the GTA games and it was especially special when they announced the vehicle; however, I wished it looked more like the Vice City variant.


BulletGTASABullet (GTA SA) This car was found very close to the first property obtained in San Fierro.  It was also the fastest car in the game and instantly became my favorite, blasting down the highways at crazy fast speed.  This car was very low to the ground and was easy to drive; conveniently it didn’t flip very easily


MassacroOrangeMassacro (GTA 5)  My friend always says I drive like a robot when I drive this car.  But I’m far from perfect.  I love the handling and it’s the best car in GTA 5 for me to drift.  It feels so good going around a corner at near top speed and not crash.


EntityPurpleEntity XF (GTA 5)  This is the second supercar I got in GTA online.  The Entity’s handling far exceeds San Andrea’s Bullet I mentioned earlier.  Many people I race with will still be found using this car in stunt races.  Its performance lacks now adays with all the new supercars but this car used to be the top performer in 2013.  I like how the angular design resembles GTA VC’s Cheetah.


ZentornoColorsZentorno (GTA 5)  The Zentorno took the top spot for the supercar class in 2014.  It looked quite alien in comparison to the other cars in the game but its a monster.  The first moment I drove it I blasted my way up Mt. Chilliad in minutes.  The car’s torque is outrageous.  I am quite behind when it comes to the newest supercars.  I bought the Osiris when it became the best supercar and then a week later the T20 took the top spot.  However, I’ve still managed to win races with the Zentorno even though its speed lacks compared to the 811 or the RE-7B.


Hakuchou DragHakuchou Drag (GTAO)  The Hakuchou variant was my favorite version because of its intense acceleration.  I would take off and leave people in the dust.  But the drag variant maneuverability is crazy insane.  I would love to see an expert driver racing this bike because this bike turns on a dime.


SuperVolitoSuperVolito (GTAO)  Oh what a helicopter?! yeah a helicopter.  Unfortunately, this vehicle does not have any defensive purposes but its maneuverability and speed rival the Buzzard Attack Chopper, and I have traveled hundreds of miles in-game with this helicopter.  But due to its lack of defences, I will pick the Buzzard over the SuperVolito.  This helicopter comes with the Pisces mid-tier luxury super yacht.  The Pisces is the preferred ship due to its characterizations.  It comes with a Pegassi Speeder, the fastest boat, and a beautiful helicopter.







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