My Most Played Games

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Let’s go over the top 5, shall we?

#1 TF2

I’ve played approx 347 hours of Team Fortress 2. That’s 14 days and 11 hours. Granted, some of that time could be idle, maybe I was getting a hot pocket or something. Most of it was proper fun, playing time, though.

I have so many hats.

#2 Terraria

What I originally thought as a ‘cheap 2D Minecraft’ quickly became one of my favorite games on Steam. Terraria is much more than that. The crafting system is immense, and as you progress you really feel more powerful as you equipment progresses with you. Quests are fun, and the boss fights are insane. Some of my 229 hours on this game may have been leaving the computer on to host a server for my friends and I. Most of it was playtime though. We played for 24hrs straight one time when a huge update came out. Absolutely disgusting. 10/10 good time machine.

#3 Garry’s Mod

This one should probably say ‘Trouble in Terrorist Town’ since that’s the game we played the most of in GMod. I’m sure about 1/3 of the time was spent playing with the sandbox tools or trying other game modes. Trouble in Terrorist Town is so good though… I think I may write an article on it later. I don’t know why anyone hasn’t made a standalone game for it yet. Mark my words it’ll happen and it’ll be huge.

#4 Blacklist and War Thunder

Okay so these ones don’t really count. They both launch a 3rd party game launcher, which stays open after you finish playing. So Steam would get confused and continue recording it as being played. War Thunder I definitely played a lot, but most of these hours were probably sitting with the launcher open waiting for it to update. And Splinter Cell launches Uplay client, which will remain open on the computer for days if you don’t manually go close it.

#5 Rocket League

Really thought this one would be higher. I’ve certainly played more RL than Black List or War Thunder. Oh well. I’m still playing it so it’ll get there one day. This is a game about playing soccer with rocket powered cars. It’s damn good. Give it a go if you haven’t, one of the most cleanly designed games I’ve played in years.

That concludes my top 5 most played games on Steam. I may go into more detail about any given one in another post at a later date. Cheers!



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