ME:A Delivery?

Mass Effect: Andromeda comes out this Tuesday. I just got back from Spring Break which means… No $$$.


BUT! I had left over Amazon gift cards, and apparently Amazon sells games for whatever reason.

You can order it for PS4, XBONE, or PC. PC coming with 3 options, ‘Link to account’, ‘Digital copy’, and ‘Buy New’

Link to Account– When you buy the game on Amazon, it immediately attaches it to your Origin account library. This option was my initial choice, but ultimately I had issues linking my account with Amazon.

Digital Copy– My second choice, once you purchase this it sends you the redemption code so that you may unlock the game for your account through Origin. I would have gone with this, but then I read into the final option of delivery…

Buy New– This one is the most literal of the delivery options. They mail you the game. And by ‘game’ I mean they mail you the cover art box, with a digital code inside to unlock the game on your account.

It’s the same as Digital Copy, but it comes in the mail for some reason…? Also, weirder still, it’s 10$ cheaper with a prime membership. I feel like if anything the digital orders should be cheaper, since they don’t require Amazon to overnight ship anything to you. For whatever reason, though, Amazon wants people to buy the physical version of the digital code, and have it shipped to them on release day.

Alright, I’ll bite, I’m a curious guy. So I ordered it. It’s scheduled to arrive in the mail Tuesday, the day of the games release. With a digital code I could have played it Monday night at 11PM, when most games officially release, but now I’ll be waiting around until mail gets here Tuesday, and then have to wait for it to download. No way to preload this one.

My curiosity will be satisfied, and I’ll have saved 10 bucks.

Also, I’m a fan of box art, so I guess I can stick that on a shelf somewhere.


Check out ME:A on Amazon below:


ME:A reviews to come soon.






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