Golf with Friends

This one goes under ‘games I never thought I’d play, let alone really enjoy’.

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Golf with Friends is amazing. Yet, so so simple.

It’s online minigolf. That’s it, you just play minigolf with your friends. It’s literally just golf with friends.


You hop on, you host or join a game with your friends, you pick from one of 5 levels all with their own unique themes, and you play minigolf!

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I don’t know if I really like minigolf or if it’s just a good game but just play it, guys. It’s fun I promise. I do feel however that it’s one of those unique games that is only fun with friends. That’s probably why with friends is 2/3rds of the name of the game!

If you get bored of playing minigolf with your friends, you can go and goof up the game options to change gravity, collision, different timers, and even ball shape. You can make everyone play the game by hitting square blocks into holes. Or giant acorns, or tiny acorns! Or cones. Playing golf with a cone is incredibly difficult in case you’ve never done it.

My personal favorite is the setting that randomizes ball shape for everyone each hole. Meaning My friend may have to play with hole with a gigantic red golf ball, while I’m playing it as a purple acorn, and my other friend is running into the side of the course over and over again as a yellow cone.

The game is damn good, and it’s not even out yet! Early access, and being updated constantly. I think it’s only like 10$ so you should really go and convince all your friends to buy it now while it’s cheap.

zoom zam check it out below:




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