Grand Theft Auto – Vehicle Collection

GTA 5 is very different when it comes to how you obtain cars compared to other GTA games.  For some reason, the title says grand theft auto and the online version of the game has barriers preventing the player from stealing vehicles.  A mechanical device built into the car called a tracker.  When visiting a mod shop, a dialog box will show up stating that the car has a tracker on it and its owned by another person (NPC or Player).  This usually applies to expensive cars.  Rockstar has made it so the player can save up in-game cash and spend it on a plethora of things, cars being one of those things.  So its a bit odd that the game is called Grand Theft Auto and you’re forced to buy vehicles from the in-game internet.

Properties are another thing that can be purchased on the in-game website: garages, apartments, and warehouses.  These store clothes and vehicles obtained by the player.  For the longest time, the availability of garage space was limited.  A player could only purchase one property, a garage or a garage and apartment combo.  Some garages ranged from two cars, six cars, and ten cars.  However recently they allowed for an even bigger garage to be purchased in tiers.  A three story twenty car garage that equated to sixty cars.  Sounds like an outrageous amount, but it’s only a small percentage of vehicles that are in the game.  There are twenty-one classes in the game with only fifteen of those classes accessible for racing.  The others are services, emergency, military, and a split class of construction vehicles.  There are many reasons why you’d need a car in this game, but why so many?  It really depends on the reason for obtaining a car.  There are several reasons why I have so many.  I use vehicles for defense, interest, or racing.  Many of the cars I have are cars that I think look good and I hardly drive.  They just look nice, and I take them out once in a while.  But the rest are for racing.  I try to maintain the top fastest and most maneuverable vehicles for each class.  I’ve spent a long time racing in GTA so I’d say I know a bit about the game’s physics.  I also spend a lot of time watching Broughy1322, a GTA racing YouTuber.  He has videos showing that sometimes a car will fail to handle the same way in a long straight (high speed) race compared to a city race (circuit).  So having two cars in the same class is the bare minimum; that’s at least thirty cars.  I own forty-six.  I can, however, own seventy-two with the amount of garage space I own.  My problem is money.  I can’t buy all the cars I want due to the increased inflation of all of the games prices.

But I was just planning on showing a few in this post.

Classic(L-R): Stirling GT, Coquette Classic custom paint, Stinger

Cognoscenti CabrioCognoscenti Cabrio custom paint

Comet and Entity(L-R): Comet, Entity XF custom paint
This image was taken in May 2016 and their storage locations have changed.

Coquette ClassicCoquette Classic custom paint

MassacroMassacro glitched custom chrome paint

Roosevelts(L-R): Roosevelt Valor, Roosevelt, Fränken Stange
This image was taken in May 2016 some of the car’s paint jobs have changed.

Sabre Turbo CustomSabre Turbo Custom

Shafter V12Schafter V12 (Armored) glitched matte paint

Washington(L-R): Gang Burrito, Moonbeam Custom, Schafter V12 (Armored), Oracle XS, Washington
This image was taken in May 2016 some of the car’s paint jobs have changed.

Zentorno, Osiris, Entity(L-R): Zentorno custom paint, Osiris glitched matte paint, Entity XF custom paint

ZentornoZentorno custom paint

I like to spend countless numbers of hours modifying the appearance and color of the vehicles.  I’ve spent millions of in-game cash doing this and many many many hours of time.  Sometimes when I buy a car, I wait some number of weeks before I do anything with it because Rockstar hosts discounts for certain things and it’s much better to wait for modification discounts at 25 – 50% off.  Regrettably, I do spend a lot changing the color of the vehicle.  It’s not like Midnight Club where you have a shopping cart that holds all the modifications at the end.  Rockstar likes to make you waste your money by not offering a preview button making their players buy everything before they know what it looks like.  Some things like parts and colors are previewed, but changing colors will not show you what a mixed color will look like without purchasing both base and undercoat.

Max Armor -50k


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