Need for Speed

I started playing the Need for Speed games when EA dropped “The” from the title, which was only part of the first one they released. That was Need for Speed II back in 1997 (for PC) and man I loved that game and the many to follow.

Watching this video is very nostalgic.

I was so much into the games that my father bought a steering wheel and pedal set, and that intensified the immersion. In the words of my 9 year old self, it was the coolest thing ever. I remained an avid player of the series up to Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2005) on the original Xbox. Then, I dropped down to playing select titles for the past 12 years. The only two I have played over this period of time was Need for Speed: Undercover and Need for Speed: The Run. I liked the concepts for both and enjoyed one more than the other (didn’t finish The Run), so you can take a stab at which one was more enjoyable.

Since it has been about 4 years since I played Need for speed: The Run, I felt that it was time to play Need for Speed again. So, I bought the latest title Need for Speed. A very plain title but I suppose it suits it since it’s suppose to be a series reboot.

So far, I haven’t had a lot of time to play it but the game does seem promising. The game is suppose to bring the best aspects of the series into this game. So far I can say the car customization is spot on. There are so many car customization options that i’m actually impressed. The graphics are stunning, but I’m not so sure about the story thus far. The characters are unique, but their personality attempts seem a little overstretched. I do look forward to getting into this game, but that might not happen till summer.



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