The Sun Kills

Sunday I did something exciting.  I bought a few expansions for The Sims.  I had waited a few years for this moment, and it felt like a good idea.  Unfortunately Tuesday, two days later, I noticed Origin was hosting a Sims 4 discount sale where all expansions were 50% off.  Of course, when I feel like spending money on The Sims I get sort of screwed.  I bought one bundle, which could have saved me a few more dollars if I bought them on Tuesday, but in reality, it’s good to buy bundles for this game.  There are only two bundles; I wish they’d make more, though.  I ended up buying Vampire, Day Spa, Outdoor Retreat, Get to Work, and Luxury Party Stuff.  The bundle was Get to Work, Outdoor Retreat, and Luxury Party Stuff.  I splurged on the other two add-ons cause they had a lot of new stuff that I considered would enhance my gameplay more. Vampires are one of the coolest aspects of the sims that have continued since the first generation, and Yoga is also fascinating.  I’ve got a couple of sims who are very into fitness and yoga sounded like an aspect of fitness that would fit their lifestyle; especially since the sims 2 had yoga built into the base game and I missed that aspect of the game when it wasn’t in Sims 3.  I’ll test out all of the new content when I’m able to.  This time around I wanted to describe my experience from the new Vampire add-on.


Vladislaus Straud is the name of Mal Cronos’ master.  He was the vampire I played first when I wanted to learn more about the vampire lore.  He was a grumpy, sly, traditional vampire.  He lives in an old house with decorations galore; statues of gargoyles, old pianos/pipe organs, and paintings of what could be considered family members.
When I first started playing as him, I left him outside too long, and he burned to death.  I wasn’t very pleased that I killed the vampire after about 5 minutes of gameplay, so I restarted without saving.  I wanted him to be the grand master vampire to another member of the family so that the vampire heritage lived on.  I’m a big fan of the True Blood series and very much enjoyed the vampire lineage terminology from the show. “Maker” and “Progeny.”  It’s unfortunate the family tree doesn’t follow the same example as it did from Sims 2 for alien abductions.    I’m rather disappointed by the family tree system in Sims 4.


The process of being turned into a vampire is drastically different than True Blood.  I also can’t remember the last time I remember seeing a transformation in a Sims game.  I don’t think the process was as elaborate as Sims 4.  It was an impressive animation they programmed into the game.  It started off as a conversation between the two.  Supposedly it would be rejected if the relationship of the two was weak.  What I did was speak to Vladislaus Straud for an extended amount of time, and then I got a prompt in the chat window to “Request to Turn.”  Vladislaus mesmerizes Mal Cronos, “glamor” in True Blood terminology.


Vladislaus bites Mal Cronos’s neck.


Vladislaus offers his wrist. The animation plays for a few seconds then Vladislaus pulls his arm violently from Mal Cronos’s mouth.  In True Blood, it was explained that feeding was an insatiable ravenous thirst and in the show, one of the characters killed their victim from over drinking.  Vladislaus’s arm yank reminded me of that.  Drinkking too much is bad.


The sim is in an utterly miserable mood when turning into a vampire; they lose their apitite, eating makes them vomit, they can’t drink anything, they lose sleep from discomfort.  Two days later Mal Cronos became a vampire.  He had a very terrible hairstyle and looked like a balding man/monk’s hair style.


Mal Cronos asked his sister, Karen, if he could drink her blood and she offered her wrist.  She is a valuable life source for Mal Cronos.  However, it very much stresses her out.  Shortly after feeding I built a downstairs crypt for Mal Cronos so he could sleep without fear of burning up.  When I first made him a vampire, I wasn’t sure if being hit by sunlight in the windows affected him.  So I put a bookshelf, a table and a coffin down in the basement so he could survive.  Mal Cronos is a business man, so the only times he ever had to leave the house in the daytime was to go to the sidewalk to go to work.  So he was relatively safe from the sun.I quickly leveled him up to reach the Day Walker perk.  About 10 hours of gameplay I was able to level up his vampire lore and vampire skill to grand master.  I changed his stats only 1x with the Draught of Reconfiguration drink.  I was struggling with his lifestyle for a while.  He was always thirsty, and I wasn’t tending to Karen’s needs very much dealing with Mal Cronos’s feeding needs all the time.  It’s a good thing he lives across the street from a gym, or he would always be thirsty.

I very much like this DLC.  It was worth the $20.  There are a lot of elegant new aspects to the game that was not in the vanilla.  I especially like the new CAS options for the vampires.  When they feed they change their appearance.  It’s so they can blend into the sim environment.  Usually, when a sim walks around in their Dark Mode, they get negative relationship points from those who are around them.  So its best to stay in their regular appearance at all times.




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