Evolve Stage 2

I finally got around to trying out Evolve, which is easy to do now that’s its free to play (F2P). I was really looking forward to this game when it was initially revealed, being that it was being created by the the same developers of Left 4 dead. I really dragged out playing it though, due to mixed reviews and it wasn’t a F2P game originally. The developers eventually released it as a F2P game due to it being unsuccessful within the gaming company. My thoughts on the game are only relevant to the current F2P release.

So far, I’ve played through the tutorials and have played a few online matches. The environment is beautiful, and this helps bring the game come to life. Game-play so far has been good so far, but I can see how it could become repetitive. I can’t say it’s felt that way at all yet, but could be if the game-play is constant. I haven’t played as the monster Goliath yet, but I certainly enjoyed playing as it in the tutorials. I’m willing to play this game some more to see how my feelings towards it progress, but so far I have enjoyed the game. It’s a cool concept and hopefully there is enough content to enjoy the game for a long period time.


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