Runescape is still alive?

I like Runescape. I do. I used to like it more, I used to like it too much. Spent probably 50% of my junior high years playing that game after school with my friends.

Oh, those were the days. Way better than any of the rubbish that’s out now adays. Standing next to friends for hours clicking on trees, or click on fishing spots, or clicking on mining spots, or walking around. It was uh… it was something… I think?

Actually I really don’t remember much. Let me hop back on real quick to get a refresher…


Woah woah wow woah

Talk about a facelift.

Man what a time to be alive. We’ve got proper antialiasing, crazy nice water, a draw distance that goes past 30feet. Surely runescape is now at it’s prime!

Oh wait… what’s this?

Some people miss the old graphics?

Oh, wait. A lot of people miss the old game??

So many people that with there voices raised together they actually conviced the developers to CONTINUE MAKING THE OLD GAME SIDE BY SIDE WITH THE NEW ONE?

Wow. Did not see that coming. Surely it’s a niche minority who prefer the old one over the newest updated version though…. Surely the majority of people want to escape the 2007 game they spent so much of their life in…

Ah. I see. In case you can’t read it, that blue line represents player totals for Old School Runescape (OSRS), and the yellow one is players on the new client.

It’s… surprisingly equal…

Weird. Weird weird weird.

Interestingly enough this old school version isn’t the exact version from 2007, but it has been updated alongside of the new client, RS3, with similiar updates.

In OSRS, however, each new update is voted upon by the players, and if it doesn’t pass majority vote, it just doesn’t get the update.

Never in my life have I heard of a developer doing something like this. Jagex are on their game, no doubt.

Play Runescape today here:

or here:

It’s up to you, really.


One thought on “Runescape is still alive?

  1. My brother still plays this game religiously. Been playing since he was 13. It’s quite an old active game. But he doesn’t play with the new graphics. He likes the old style. I don’t know much about the game itself, but it looks quite entertaining. I used to pull up a chair and watch him play for hours. He used to narrate it for me so I knew what he was doing.


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