Tay Plays Final Fantasy VX- Chapter 1

I’ve been waiting on this game for what is literally almost a decade. The trailers for Final Fantasy XV– back when it was going to be Final Fantasy Versus XIII– came out when I was in middle school, and back then, the game was very different. It was dark, moody, dramatic, and an emo phase middle schooler’s dream. I was hooked immediately, but development hell struck again, and the game was delayed. In the meantime, Square Enix kept the Final Fantasy IP alive with XIII-2, XIII Lightning’s Return, the ill-fated XIV, and a Realm Reborn, and Final Fantasy Versus XIII became XV.

And I have to be honest, while Final Fantasy is not the game we were expecting, it is an amazing game.

And so, for the next few weeks, I’ll be covering my experience with the game chapter by chapter


We began the game by meeting the characters many years in the future, giving us names, and a hint at how the game will end, but very little else. Then, it is followed by a cutscene which establishes plot and explains to us who our characters are– Noctis, the son of the king, and his retinue of Crownsguard, on their way out of the kingdom of Insomnia and to Altissia where his fiancee awaits. At the same time, the King awaits a visit from guests from Niflheim. To the player, the names of these places mean very little, and I’m still not sure if Altissia is in Niflheim or if we’re dealing with three different kingdoms here. Still, it’s an emotional goodbye between a prince and his father, and the establishing of chemistry and personality between the main four, which carries on into the car-pushing scene– the goofy baby of the group Prompto, the mature and thoughtful Ignis, the tough and protective Gladio, and the aloof yet caring leader Noctis.

I spent almost all of Chapter 1 goofing off– catching and cooking a fish for a spoiled cat, picking vegetables and trying all sorts of foods so that Ignis could get recipe ideas, doing the monster hunts, and on many occassions getting my ass handed to me by daemons because I refused to stop playing long enough for the boys to get some shut eye. But underneath all of my silly time wasting and endless excursions was an interesting plot. As Noctis and his pals grow closer to the ferry that will take them off to Altissia, the kingdom of Insomnia is attacked by the Empire of Niflheim, and rumors have spread that the king died in the attack, causing Noctis to go into desperate denial and causing them to return home to prove it was all lies and everything was fine. But after finding an imperial roadblock waiting, and seeing the destruction of his home, the heroes are left with only one goal left– find Cor, an infamous fighter and member of the Crownsguard who escaped the city. He will tell Noctis what happened in Insomnia, and answer his questions. Why did Niflheim attack? Is his father truly dead? And how do they proceed?

This game is amazing. I may not be good at describing it, but it’s been like a dream playing it. The plot is amazing, the cooking is delicious, the fishing is hilarious, the photographs are adorable, and I’m dying for the Rent-a-Bird machines to work because oh my god riding a chocobo. This game has so much potential and a lot of fun ahead, and I can’t wait to experience it all. See you all next week.


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