Remembering the Sims, Past and Present

How does one start playing Sims 4 again?  That would be a good question to ask my viewers.  Sometimes it’s hard to get back together with a game you once gave up playing because of reasons.

How I play the game, when I first started I wanted to create a family that was close to me.  I do that with all my games too.  I create a character that I make that is attractive, or fascinating.  Some character that I put a lot of effort into.  Once I made a character that looked like Darth Maul for a custom character in Guitar Hero.


The first family I make is the family that will stay alive as long as possible, and they’re the ones I experience the game with.  Then as I play, I find neighbors I wish for them to make a family with.  Crystal, the woman with the pink hair, and Kisãne in red, were people from the neighborhood but did not look as they do now.  I needed to modify them to fit an appearance I felt was more interesting.  I would leave all the neighbors relatively the same, only playing as a neighbor if they were requiring a friendship or giving them a new job to give a change of pace for co-workers.  But the vanilla game gets boring after a while.  So I usually stay away from the game waiting for more stuff to release.
Is it worth playing again now after however many years it’s been out?

Vacation.pngVacation Resorts

What my favorite DLC’s from past Sims games were pets, seasons, anything to do with magic or vampires, and vacation-esque map builds.  I hope they go back to the ancient Sims 1 ideas and bring them back to Sims 4.  Living Large, from Sims 1, was one of my favorite game add-ons because it gave brick and mortar textures.  I would simulate old castles and make moats around the homes.  I spent a lot of my time making stone and wood homes. Then I enjoyed the Sims Vacation (picture above), it added a winter and a beach resort that I would cheat with millions of dollars to spend ridiculous amounts of time at.  I wouldn’t even bother to pay bills at home because it was fun making my sims play in the snow.  I used to write stories, that I never released, of their vacation trips.  Idk really how to explain it.  Kinda like a dialogue with photos that discussed a topic with the sims.  One story was a coming of age story.  Another was someone getting sick and needing to visit the doctor.  Really nerdy stuff to do when you didn’t have friends and wanted to occupy your 13-year-old life.

magictownMagic Town

In the makin’ magic add-on, they added a magic world that had the best soundtrack.  I was in band, so I loved listening to classical music at the time.  It’s a very pleasant reminiscent memory hearing that soundtrack again.  It had a very carnivalesque sound to it as well, and it was very unique to listen to.  In the expansion, they added magic and spooky stuff.  Also, you could find an egg and hatch a dragon from it.  It was a pet that stayed around for a while, but I always lost it.  Never could figure out what happened to the dragon after a while.  I didn’t play much of Sims 3 to know if there was a magic expansion so I might be behind if there were actual magic updates for that game.  I just remember The Sims 3 World Adventures that allowed you to visit some tombs and what not.  I didn’t play that one.

alien-hybridsSims 2 had aliens that were the coolest things to experiment with.  Supposedly if you had a relation with an alien, you could have an alien baby, and it was always the male who had the baby too.  Explaining that would be funny as well.  Just imagine how that would happen.  They first appeared in Sims 1 as being abducted, but they never showed up.  Just the possibility of abduction.  I’m not quite sure which Sims expansion added that feature.  But Sims 2 had actual alien characters that would visit after looking through the telescope.  They are pictured above.  The boy in the center was mutated and didn’t have the strange eyes.  I also don’t remember how that happens, but the actual alien breeds had alien eyes; which were entirely black eyes, no white seen.  Just like the more realistic style of Sims 3, the aliens looked less like sims and less human.


I think the vampires are the coolest looking addition to the newest installment of Sims.  Sims 4 would bring me back because of the vampires.  I’m very excited to see that they finally added something fantasy into the game.  I hope they eventually add a huge pack like they normally do so I don’t have to pay $20 for each addition.







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