A Disappointing Dungeon

After talking about Dungeon Souls in my previous post, I looked at similar dungeon crawlers on steam. I saw this one called bit Dungeon II that caught my interest. It particularly caught my interest due to the fact, that the game has obvious striking resemblance to Zelda, especially A Link to the Past. Which is by far my favorite video game of all time.


As you can see (if you’ve played link to the Past), this here dungeon follows the same level design as Link to the Past. Except that the game play of this game is so disappointing, that I will remain flaccid for the remainder of the year. This is largely due to the fact that the combat system is virtually non existent. Attacking is automatically done for you, and there is nothing you can do about it. Oh, except you can click the mouse, and put up a shield to defend yourself?? WTF?? Here you go, a dungeon crawler that took the literally fucking joy out of a dungeon crawler.


And here I am after defeating a dungeon boss, after standing near it for 6 seconds. Oh yippee, I got a bow. Which I can’t carry along with my god killing sword? I can’t even see a point in switching. But wait, there’s more in the next room.


A second god killing sword! If one wasn’t enough to drown out the fun of combat, two should surely do it. What’s more disappointing than this, is that I couldn’t have a bow AND a sword.

I appreciate the developer for their love of Zelda, which is apparent with the level and aesthetics of the game, but this game isn’t the slightest bit enjoyable. I played for only 30 minutes, and I was already at level 13. Look at the photo above, it’s there. The game had potential, but was poorly executed.


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