Your Soul Belongs to This Dungeon

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve played dungeon crawlers, but that seems to be changing this year. I bought Dungeon Souls at the beginning of this year, and for the most part it’s a great game. The basics of this dungeon crawler is that you fight your way through procedurally generated dungeons, activating X number of marks in a level, and once all the marks are activated, a portal opens up to the next level. After what seems to be 2-4 levels of similar artwork and ascetics, you get to fight a boss! So far, the bosses have been challenging, as they should be.


Something that didn’t quite register until I died a few times, is after opening the portal the redeemer comes after you for one purpose, to kill you. I somehow thought I was suppose to kill him, but it’s quite the opposite. You must must run back to the portal location before he gets you.

Also, within each level there is a shop. You get to spend your collected coins from killing enemies on items that give you special abilities or increased stats. This is a cool aspect of the game and without this items, the game is very unforgiving. In case you don’t know, its very standard for you to have only one life in procedurally generated dungeon crawlers. The game is incredibly difficult as first, but leveling up your characters eases you into more reasonable difficulty.


You are able to increase stats throughout the game, but the ones changed in game are only good for that run. There are stats that you can permanently change in the menus, which are called passives. These passives increase the above stats permanently, and then in game items change stats temporarily. I wasn’t extremely fond of this system at first, but I now find it to be effective from a re-playable stand point. It turns out that between the two stat types, you can become pretty damn powerful. Yet with all the power I’ve gained, I’ve only been up to level 7-10 so far. This is what death looks like.


Death isn’t always defeat though. The coins and items you gain are used to forge new weapons and items.

The aspect about the game I find annoying though, is in the user interface controls. Navigating through the menus is a pain on the keyboard, due to not being able to use the arrow keys or enter button. The devs for some reason chose to use only the a,w,s,d keys and space bar for navigation. That choice is fine for game controls but is terrible for navigation since every other PC game I’ve played utilizes the arrow buttons, oh and the enter button. That’s my only major complaint, so besides that, it is a great game. The devs are continuing to update the game, and can’t wait for the online co-op feature to be added this year.

You can check the game out on steam.




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