Was Revan Male or Female?

I played Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic back in 2005 and 2006.  In order for me to provide information for this post, I had to go into my closet and hook up my old Xbox.  That big black box with the green X on it.  Surprisingly it still works, but the controllers do not.  I was facing a problem with a sticky analog stick that constantly flipped through the menus rapidly.  Fortunately, I could control it enough to pick my save data files.

I made my character a female Asian seen here at the Nexus mods.  It appears not very many people felt the need to play as the Asian to post pictures online of her.  Over time I realized that the developers of the game actually didn’t make the gender for “Revan” specific, even through the dialogue of the game.  I was hoping that Revan was a powerful woman but unfortunately with the most recent DLC’s for SWTOR Revan was depicted as male.

Character Presets.png

I would like to provide a more in-depth experience with my character, but it was  12 years ago and I don’t remember hardly anything about the experience anymore.  It was very fun and I remember getting up at 5am before I went to school just to play a few hours of gameplay.  I will replay this game again, it was one of my most favorite star wars games and it would be a disappointment to only play it one time through.

I think it was quite special when the game asked me in the 2nd and 3rd (MMO) installments what gender Revan was.  Revan will always be female to me.  Even if I know the canon of the character was confirmed as male.  It just seems played out sometimes.  All the most powerful characters in the Star Wars Universe seem to be male.  Please correct me if I’m wrong, cause I do like to learn about new characters.  Also, where are all the aliens at?  Why do they have to be human too?  I like playing as something different than myself.

I also apologize for the poor quality of the photos.   These are photos with my phone of the TV.

revan-inventory1I remember finding all kinds of cool colors for the lightsabers.  Purple was a cool color for a lightsaber back in the day.

This was an old photo by ZolaPaulse on deviantArt they made a good fan art of Revan’s gender swap.

I’m curious to know anyone else who played the game also shares my opinion of Revan?  Was the character female for your playthrough?





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