Hearthstone Deck Strategies

Hearthstone is a strategy card game, so most of the strategy is in the cards, but not all. The other part of the strategy is how well you use the cards you choose for your deck. As well as how well you adapt to the cards your opponent plays. Being, that if you try to have an absolute game plan for matches, you will be doomed to fail. You can have ideal methods for certain cards, but it’s best to have more than one method. For example, in my priest deck, I have the card Lightspawn (This minion’s attack is always equal to its health).


This card can become very powerful, very quickly. My ideal plan for this card, is to buff it up with +health cards. I have several cards that give a minion X amount of health. Then, I want to double its health (maybe more than once), which is now stupid strong. And if I get the opportunity, I use my Faceless Shambler to duplicate the stats.


Now I have two very strong cards on the board. (By the way, I can easily get this card between 20-30 attack, and there was a time where I got it over 90 attack.) I’ll try to find this footage to prove it. The point is, that this method is my ideal use of the card, but it doesn’t always work out. Depending on the class I’m playing against, they could have a card that will destroy my Lightspawn regardless of its strength. And the cards that I was going to use to buff Lightspawn, will have to be used to buff other minions instead (if I didn’t already use them).


Using Faceless Shambler to copy a high attack minion is a good method for defense and attack.

What I described with Lightspawn, I’ll just call that a power play. There are a lot of power plays that can be made, and I generally like to have one or two of them in each deck I make. You don’t need to have a power play like that to win, but it can help and feels damn good when a player concedes.

If I don’t have any power plays, I like to have a well-balanced deck that can manage well at defense and attack. I will have strong cards in my deck regardless if there is a power play or not. Because there is a good chance that my opponent will have a power play in their deck.

A balanced deck isn’t the only option either. You can very well have a heavy defense deck, or extremely offense deck. It’s really up to you. I know from experience, that a heavy defense deck is annoying for the opposite player.


Taunt minions are the only minion that can be attacked when on the board. Loading your deck up with them will create a heavy defense. I generally have 3-5 per deck, but sometimes more.

What I’ve described thus far, is the ideas behind making a custom deck. You can also create decks that are pre-made. When you create a new deck and choose a hero, you will be given recipe options.


For each option, you are shown how many cards you have for each recipe. For any cards you do not have from the recipe, you will have to replace them with ones you do have. You don’t have to follow these recipes, and that’s what the custom deck is for. Each deck doesn’t have to be the same strategy either. Especially since you can have up to 18 decks. The hardest part can be choosing cards. You don’t have as many choices when you start out new, but there are over 1,000 to collect, so as your collection gets bigger, it can be harder to decide.

So my best advice, experiment and decide what you like.



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