Star Wars The Old Republic – My Characters

Here is another post where I show off my characters again.  This time it’s my Star Wars characters from the MMO.

I mostly play the Empire, so any of my characters that are on the Republic side are partially played.  Aside from my first three characters all other toons are below Lvl 30.

This was one of my favorite Star Wars games.  Unfortunately, I play completely alone.  I had a relative and his friends play but only for about 2 weekends worth of play, and then they never picked it up again.  I was a subscriber then, which was kinda bad cause my friends didn’t have half of the unlocked content that I had.  It was always a repetitive reminder that they couldn’t do something because they weren’t a subscriber.  I ended up finding a couple people to play with on the Empire side. Sadly, they never moved sides to help me out.  I’m quite shy when it comes to speaking to randoms, so my Republic story regretfully has not been fruitful.

Played for one entire summer nonstop.  On and off throughout the next winter season and then basically gave up once the next summer came around.  Playing through multiple characters gets quite lame when there’s nobody to play with.

1st Character – D’ish-eddu, Zabrak, Jedi Knight, Jedi Guardian: Lvl 38

2nd Character – Mibibi, Zabrak, Bounty Hunter, Mercenary: Lvl 61

This is a terrible picture (very old), but that’s what Mibibi looks like.  She’s created multiple times in other games due to her cute face.  Something about her face is very attractive to me, and I have to try to recreate her in every game I can.  She’s the inspiration for my character in Fallout 4, Sims 4, GTAO (as best as I could).  Mibibi is a very mean lady, though.  She would rather kill first then ask any further questions; which was kinda difficult for me in some instances of the game.  Mibibi was also a cyborg human at one point in her creation, but when the DLC that added character editing after creation I changed her.  I wanted to keep the cyborg aspect to her, so I used a pair of gloves that have a tube come out of the back.  I also liked the belt with a lightsaber on it.  It looks like she killed a Jedi and kept the saber as a trophy.

3rd Character – Mal Cronos, Cathar, Imperial Agent, Sniper: Lvl 58

I loved the Imperial Agent story line.  So instead of making him look like an Imperial Agent, I dressed him to look more like he was undercover.

After creating my 3rd character, I felt like making more characters for the hell of it.  I do not remember their order because I just wanted to create one of every class.

D’ish-gobi, Twi’lek, Trooper, Commando: Lvl 24

nekhaki-1Ne’Khaki, Rattataki, Sith Inquisitor, Sith Assassin: Lvl 26

I wanted this character to look as crazy as possible.  Someone nobody ever wanted to have to think twice about crossing.

Hazuki-Ibuki, Twi’lek, Smuggler, Scoundrel: Lvl 11

She was a dancer who became a Smuggler.

meebe-1Meebe, Twi’lek, Jedi Consular, Jedi Sage: Lvl 12

olafur-1Ólafur, Rattataki, Bounty Hunter, Powertech: Lvl 8

His outfit is still in process.

onuzelhiiraOnuzelhiira, Togruta, Sith Warrior, Sith Juggernaut: Lvl 13

Togruta colors were super hard to come up with.  I didn’t see too many people with this color combination, so I chose it, I think its very unique.  She’s still wearing basic clothes.  However, she has a robotic right arm and right leg.  I wanted her to have gone through a horrific accident and neeed robotic prosthetics to be a source of her pain. The really cool outfits that have come out since my last play are very expensive, so I’ll have to get on someday to get the outfit I wish for her to have some day.  I don’t know how lekku’s will work in the process, but I’ll figure something super cool out.  I also might think to add a damage scar to her face too… maybe.

ulfberht-1Ulfberh’t, Sith Pureblood, Sith Warrior, Sith Marauder: Lvl 30

Despite this guys appearance he’s struggling with the Dark.  He has flopped back and forth.  I’m still trying to manage a grey character, but it’s not going too well.

mudariaM’udaria, Cathar, Jedi Knight, Jedi Sentinel: Lvl 28

I don’t play with human characters in Star Wars.







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