Titanfall 2 Pilot Tier List

I love tier lists, and I love giving biased and misguided opinions on things. Especially games.


Here’s my Tf2 Pilot Tier list:


BooBoo Tier:


Astral Projectsalot

Despite this guy looking like a cooler Jango Fett, it’s unfortunate that this is one of the least used classes in Titanfall 2. Use your ability to send a lookalike clone walking forward to a direction of your choosing. It’s neat I guess, until you compare it to the other abilities available. In my 30+ hours of gameplay I’ve only ever been killed/tricked by an enemy holopilot twice.



Sir Sneaky Snipey

This one is actually used quite often, I just don’t think it’s that good. Use your ability to turn invisible for like 30 seconds. Sounds overpowered, and it would be, if it was a true invisibility. Instead to other players you appear as a slightly opaque ghost sprinting about the map. This ability is mainly used by snipers who want to sit at the edge of the map invisibly and line up their shots.



Dang Good Tier:

Sprinty McZoomsalot

This adorable little robo-dude is the ‘Stim’ class pilot. All his ability does is make him move really freakin fast for a few seconds. In a game about movement, I can’t understate how useful this ability can be. I run this tactical on about 7/9 of my loadouts in the game, and it’s just so damn good. Perfect for running around with a shotgun and closing the distance between you and an enemy/titan/wall/pile of garbage/whatever.

It was really hard not putting this as the best ability in the game, because I use it the most, but the only downside is it lacks complexity.


Houdini Bobini

I wish I liked this tactical more. Look how cool that lil robodude is. He’s like the Stim robot, but he’s got a badass lil scarf and a racoon tail that flows behind his head. The ‘Phase Shift’ pilot is a true magic man. At the press of a button, he dissapears from this plane of existence and into the next, only to reappears moments later behind you, or across the map, or around the corner. Anywhere he really pleases. This pilot is pretty much a roboninja who can turn invisible/teleport and probably whispers edgey one liners as he reappears behind you for the kill.


God Tier:


Spiderguy Swing’n’fly

The grapple ability is the best. There is no contest. Any game with a grappling hook is immediately placed in my Top 10 favorite games list. Grappling hooks are the greatest thing you can add to a game. And to add it in a multiplayer mode? Woah momma. That’s just next level. Okay so maybe you can’t shoot while you’re using it, and maybe it can be really confusing and get you killed a lot, but holy moley if it ain’t fun.


Literal Garbage Tier:



The ‘A-Wall’ loadout is garbage. If you use it, you’re garbage. Your character throws down a shield to hide behind that only they can shoot through. Not only is it annoying to play against, it honestly just isn’t that good. Almost every other class has an easy way to go over or past the shield to shoot the guy in the back. It’s a big glowing bright thing, too. Pretty much advertising to the entire map ‘Hey I’m not good at mobility in this game so please come shoot me’

Go back to CoD.


HackyWacky Kinda Tacky

Maphacks. That’s all this ability is. ‘Pulse Blade’ let’s you throw out this little weeaboo kunai thing, that then reveals all enemies near where it lands. Not just reveals them on the map, it straight up shows you their outlines through the walls. I hate it. Not fun to use, not fun to have used against you. Character looks like they gotta chubby face, too.




If you learned a lot from this list, please feel free to check out my review of the Titans:




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