Hearthstone game modes

In my last post, I talked about hearthstone and its basic game-play. So now I am going to talk about the different game-play options and why they matter to the players. The first one is play mode, and I covered that one in my previous post, so I’m not going to reiterate that. The second mode in the main menu is solo adventures.


You might be thinking, why would you have a solo mode in a PvP game? Well, the purpose of the solo adventures is to gain new cards, that can only be gained in the solo adventures. These cards won’t show up in any card packs you obtain, and that’s because the solo adventures is paid content. You can give in and pay with real currency, or you can pay with in game currency. I’ve been paying with in game currency, and I’ll tell you that making real money is a lot quicker.


Each adventure contains 3 different modes, but only two modes earn you new cards (normal and heroic are basically the same mode). In normal and heroic, you battle different heroes, and after you beat three heroes in what is called a wing, you open a chest and gain new cards. In the class challenge, you battle bosses using a predetermined class. When you beat the boss, you are awarded a card for the class you beat them with.

The third main game mode is Arena. This mode is very interesting. You choose a hero class and construct a deck from random cards. It presents you with 3 cards at a time, and you choose 1, and repeat till you have a full deck (30 cards).


The point of this mode is to win as many matches as you can. The more matches you win, the better the prize you earn. Once you lose 3 matches, your entry ends. I can’t tell you the variation of the prizes since I have only played through this mode once before, but it is challenging due to the competitive nature of the mode. This mode has a low cost paid entry, that can be easily paid for with in game currency.

The last main game mode is the tavern brawl. This challenge changes on a weekly basis, and there is the potential to earn a new card pack for each week. It is also a free mode, so that’s a new card pack per week.


To earn the card pack, you must beat another player. Each tavern brawl has a unique name and description. Sometimes a deck is provided for you, and sometimes you have to build a new deck. Sometimes I play these just to get the damn deck (sometimes they are very annoying), and sometimes I enjoy the brawl a lot, so I play it as many times as I can. Either way, it’s something to look forward to each week!

That covers all the different play modes that Hearthstone offers at the moment. That could be it for the remainder of the game’s life, or Blizzard could change it up in the future. In my next post, I plan on talking about deck strategies.


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