Titanfall 2 Titan Tier List

Alright guys, I play a lot of Titanfall 2, and I play a lot of titans. I am by no means an expert, but for those uninitiated, I will do my best to introduce you to my ultra biased view of the Titan classes in the game.


#1 Scorch


Literally the best robot ever created, a perfect machine capable only of cold, calculated death and carnage. One ability launches cans of flammable gas, the other 3 abilities blast fire everywhere. Was there ever any hope for the other titans?

Ion/Legion shooting you a bunch and giving you trouble? Pass some gas, light it up, and walk away. 2 kills. ezpz

Ronin zoomin around and beatin up on you with his big sharp stick? Just reach back into your bag of medieval fantasy style spells and pull up a big ol SHIELD OF HELLFIRE. Just hold it up in between you and that pesky ronin and burn the little runts face off.

Tone shooting you with his bs rifle across half the map behind his little baby shield? Just… uh just walk away. Go somewhere else. You’ve got other titans to kill. You don’t need him anyway…

Play this titan if you love to bring justice upon the evildoers of this realm through means of fire and brimstone.

#2 Ronin


This crazy ninja teleports and zooms around all over the freakin map and slashes you up with his sword. Somebody tell him to calm down.

Ronin is a light chasis Titan that can dodge/boost a whole buncha times, and can also press a button to travel to another dimension for a spell until he reappears out of no where to turn your shit inside out. Also when it dies it exploded into a nuclear bomb, so that’s cool.

Play this titan if you love anime and suicide bombing

#3 Legion


Heavy from the other TF2

This big ol tanky dude literally just shoots bullets from spawn till death. Do not walk in front of him.

Play this Titan if you like holding down the mouse button and aiming.

#4 Ion


Baby’s first Titan. Here’s a picture of it about to get it’s face punched in by the Scorch Titan.

You unlock this titan for buying the game and it essentially just has a machine gun and fires some lasers. Decent Titan overall, but where’s the niche…?

Play this Titan if you like default first person shooter characters and don’t understand using abilities

#5: TONE


This titan falls under the ‘Literal Trash’ tier of my list. Tone is the most widely played Titan in the game. It’s gun can 1-hit kill any pilot player, and for some reason also has incredible splash damage to pick out players attempting to preserve their lives by hiding or running away.

3 Shots from this hell-gun on your titan is now ‘locked-on’ and the Tone player can press Q to unload a volley of tracking missiles unto your poor wretched mass. If they happen to somehow avoid getting 3 shots of their 30round splash damage rifle to hit your titan, they can simply press G to puke out a small sonar device to detect all enemies in the nearby area and lock on for them. If you aren’t dead by this point and are considering retaliating, no need, the Tone also comes with a portable shield wall that can be deployed willy nilly and takes up more damage than the Legion’s shield. (The tankiest titan in the game)

If you’re still alive at this point the Tone most likely has their ult up from walking all over the rest of the titans in the match, and can press V to unleash a holy terror of missiles to rain down upon a location of their choosing.

Play this Titan if you like to win and hate when other people have fun and have an unexplained tendency to harm small creatures.

Oh whoops I forgot the Northstar


Yeah idk I never play this dude he just kinda flies around in the air and zaps at you with his lil sniper rifle. Normally I just walk away and avoid him until somebody else kills him.

Play this titan if you like mosquitoes.

Check out Titanfall 2 here:


because there’s no way to play it unless you buy it through Origin…



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