Hey guys, I played ‘President Erect’



No, I know what you’re thinking. It’s not a porn game.

I guess it could be… but I don’t think that’s the intended use.

What this game is however, is a game designed specifically to allow people to assault our president-elect, (now President), Donald Trump. In Virtual Reality.

After a heated election, I guess some people feel the need to take the stress off by uppercutting virtual floppy-person renders of the opposite party. Perhaps they even feel that the assistance of equally floppy dildos to aid their attacks would help the wound heal faster.

I get that. Totally reasonable. And damn funny.

But… is this okay?

The reviews are about as divided as you would imagine.

A lot of people arguing whether this is considered ‘free speech’ or ‘hate speech’

At what point is it alright to take someone’s image and name, and make a game about hitting them with floppy dildos? Is this alright? Would the reactions be the same if it was a game about smacking Hillary in the face with dildos?

No clue, not my job to get political. I just thought the game looked funny and wanted to try making GIFs.

I give this game a 4/8 for crude humor and topicality.


I’ve found that this game actually appeals to both parties, as it can also double as a Donald Trump Kissing Simulator


Check the game out here:






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