GTA Online – Meet My Criminals

I think about Grand Theft Auto, the game, quite frequently.  Even if I have a love-hate relationship with it, I still manage to find a way to come back. If you have as much time dedicated to it, then you can find things that you absolutely love and despise about it.  But because I made a bad first impression with the wall text rant a couple weeks ago I thought I’d share the positive side to my entertainment.

I have two characters in my online life for GTA.


Eddward Bellic, “made up” son of Niko Bellic, if you’re unfamiliar with who Niko is he’s the protagonist of GTA IV in the original game.  Niko was my second favorite GTA protagonist after Tommy Vercetti from GTA Vice City.  Eddward is level 305, max stats.

What I normally do in GTA is race.  Racing is my most favorite thing to do in GTA.  The NPC’s are terrible at racing, so I like the challenge of racing real people.  I’ve even found some good youtuber’s who teach valuable skills.  I’m too shy to meet them, but it’s very exciting to know that someone in the lobby is a part of their racing community and even more exciting when you manage to beat them in a race.  I’ve played  1,168 races and have won 589 of them.  I’m at a 42% win rate.  I’ve spent 91h 17m and 56s racing. Which is more time than I’ve spent playing 92% of my games on steam.  Sad, but racing is fun.


He goes through hair style changes quite frequently.  There are 4 haircuts that I like in the game and flip through them periodically.


This is Eddward back on the xbox360 before all the nice cool customizable skin edits and textures.  I think he looks quite young compared to his PC version.


This is a photograph of my most favorite time in GTA.  Back in the day around June of 2016 my friend and I spend every day for 2 months grinding missions replaying the Fleeca Job and racing each other over and over.  So I could afford a Yacht.  This was him and I playing around with the submarine and the yacht.  He’s currently inside the submarine while I’m flying him to the right location.


Eva, I don’t have a surname for her yet.  She’s my female character.  A female protagonist isn’t something Rockstar has implemented since GTA 1 (I never played) and since there is a very customizable aspect to this game for clothing I needed a female character to know what other options there were.  I don’t use her very often.  Low-level characters are prey to griefing, and since I only played with her for a few months, she barely has a personality.  She is level 86, poor stats.


This is Eva on the xbox360.  I have only 2 photos of her face and the other is a stupid bathroom mirror picture that has awful lighting.  So you can see one of my favorite cars too.  The Stinger.  Idk anything about real life cars so that car might look like something to someone.  This was also before Rockstar made that car a convertible as well.  It doesn’t technically convert to a topless vehicle without going into the mod shop but before it was just a hit or miss.  You have the car without a top or with one when you purchase it.


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