The Sims 4 – Meet My Sims

I love The Sims 4.  However, I haven’t played it since late 2014.  To say, ever since Sims 3 I’ve been shorta behind I usually play for a little while after the release of the game. Then after a months or years, I get back into the game to see all the new DLC.  I just don’t like that EA makes all updates $10 -40 each.  But it’s been that way since Sims 1.  So far in Sims 4, I’ve played 115 hours; which is insignificant compared to GTA.

The photo above is a slimmed down image of the family.  I had to make it fit the thumbnail.

Characters (Left to Right):
Cecil Rose (Butler)- Kyle’s Husband
Kyle Rose – Cecil’s Husband and Brother to Crystal.
Zelda Valentine – Crystal and Brandon’s Daughter
Karla Valentine  – Crystal and Brandon’s Daughter
Crystal Valentine (Rose) – Kyle’s Sister and Wife of Brandon
Brandon Valentine – Crystal’s Husband and Aaran’s Brother
Aaran Valentine – Brandon’s Brother and Kisãne’s Husband
Kisãne Valentine (Mibibi) – Aaran’s Wife, Sister to Öeta, Mal, and Karen
Mal Cronos – Brother of Kisãne, Öeta, and Karen
Öeta Mibibi – Sister of Kisãne, Karen, and Mal, and adopted Daughter to Aaran
Karen Andeet – Sister of Mal, Kisãne, and Öeta

One thing I disliked about Sims 4 was this complicated relationship system was sadly reduced.  Marriage relationships beyond husband/wife don’t show up in the CAS.  So creating the complex Mother-in-Law, Sister-in-Law, Half-Brother don’t show up.  So far I’ve only been able to achieve 1st cousin.  I also dislike seeing my sims die, so none of them have become grandparents either.

Öeta Mibibi is the youngest.  She is actually 14, but she looks like an adult.  The teen’s in this game are a lot taller in Sims 4 than Sims 3.
Karla Valentine is 15.
Zelda Valentine is 17.
Karen Andeet is 22.
Kisãne Valentine is 29.
Crystal Valentine and Mal Cronos are 39.
Brandon Valentine is 34.
Aaran Valentine is 32.
Kyle Rose is 42.
Cecil Rose (Butler) is the oldest at 43.

Kisãne Valentine is modeled after my Bounty Hunter in Star Wars the Old Republic (MMO).  She was a Zabrak hence her use of red.  She is a hot head and dreams of vast riches. A loaner and ambitious. Her occupation is a business woman in The Sims.  So far Kisãne focused on classical music as one of her hobbies and the best violinist in the neighborhood.

Brandon, Crystal, Zelda, and Karen are creative types, but Zelda’s focus is only in music and not creativity as a trait.  Brandon focus’s on piano and guitar.  Crystal is a pianist and a painter.  And Zelda is a beginner violinist.  Brandon can’t keep a steady job.  He’s worked multiple jobs, started as a game designer and was fired for making the worst game ever.  He joined the journalism track and quit early due to lack of social skills.  Brandon now works as a special agent (lol).  Brandon is a perfectionist which is why he has a hard time keeping a job.  He is also a nerd and plays too many videogames.
Crystal has had one job, and that’s a successful painter.  She has created two masterpieces and has written three musical compositions.  Crystal also tried to jump into writing, but that track is much more difficult for her.  She works out when she’s not creating.  Crystal can always be seen running around the neighborhood when I play as other family members.
Zelda is a trouble maker and sneaks out of the house on a regular basis.  Brandon is always away from home with his late hour, and Crystal is always out of town on Art Exhibitions, so it makes it easy for Zelda to get in trouble.  Since she’s a genius she doesn’t feel it’s necessary to keep herself cooped up in the house all the time and explores the word to do experiments.  Zelda’s dream to become a Scientist.
Karla, although is creative, hasn’t put a lot of effort into learning much revolving around the arts, she will pick up the clay ball from time to time but hasn’t gotten efficient in any creative skills. However, her favorite thing to do is collecting gems and rocks.  Karla is a nature girl.  Someday she hopes to own a beautiful garden.

Karen is materialistic.  She bugs her brother constantly about finances.  Mal and his sister live together for the time being.  Mal doesn’t really find it intrusive that his sister stays in his home.  Karen’s occupation is a Bar Tender, however, she’s quite clumsy so it may be her downfall for that job.

Kyle, Cecil, and Aaran are bros.  They enjoy working out together; since Aaran, Kyle, and Cecil are neighbors.  However Aaran’s skill is in cooking, he’s a Master Chef and the owner of a 5-star restaurant.  Aaran loves eating so he knows that working out and food consumption works hand in hand.  Aaran is also a nerd like his brother, but can manage playing games better.  Kyle is a family man and hopes to have a large family.  He spends a lot of his time hanging out with his niece Karla because they both love the outdoors.  His passion in school was Geology so he’s taugh Karla a lot about rocks.

Öeta Mibibi is a bit weird.  She has the insane perk and just does whatever she wants.  Öeta likes collecting frogs and going fishing. She may end up becoming a criminal due to her lack of enthusiasm towards any particular expertise.

Mal Cronos is a good speaker.  He’s a comedian and always has something unique to say.  Mal Cronos is based on my Kathar Imperial Agent from Star Wars The Old Republic.  He is good at getting out of trouble and has a perfect charisma skill level.  He is also doesn’t sleep much. Mal has managed to find a way to sleep little and still be very productive.

Cecil Rose (Butler) is a snobby nerd.  To be honest, I had no idea what to do for him.  I wanted Crystal to have a gay brother so I had to decide something unique about Kyle’s partner.  Cecil was actually a butler prior to meeting Kyle.  He likes movies and likes to host parties.





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