Heroes and Halfwits- A Beginner’s Introduction to D&D

To many gamers and nerds hoping to break into the world of table top games, Dungeons and Dragons seems like a massive beast. You don’t know how the stats balance out, what abilities will be most useful to you, how the lore and creatures work, etc. It seems impossible to understand, because it’s an RPG where all the numbers the computer figures out are handled by the player.

Well for anyone hoping to venture into the world of D&D, I recommend you watch Heroes and Halfwits– a series of YouTube videos where five comedy gamers from Rooster Teeth play Dungeons and Dragons for the first time, along with their very forgiving and experienced Dungeon Master Frank. Having watched the entire first season myself, Heroes and Halfwits feels like starting your first game of D&D with six of your best friends. It’s a bit of a time investment, being a 20 episode series of an hour a piece, but it’s funny all the way.

Go watch Heroes and Halfwits here, and happy questing everybody.


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