Hey guys, I played ‘Paladins’ last night

I think like a lot of people do, I’ve always kind of written of ‘Paladins’ as a poor-man’s Overwatch. After playing, I’ll admit, that’s still a pretty good phrase to quickly sum the game up. There is quite a bit of extra going on in this game though.

There are plenty of articles you could read online to explain to you why this game didn’t copy Overwatch,  they explain the timeline of character reveals and etc etc.


I’m not going to talk about how the games were different before, I’m going to focus on how they’re different, now, and what makes ‘Paladins’ stand out on it’s own. I’ll mostly be focusing on GOOD differences, because I’m feeling positive vibes today.


First off, you ride into battle on a horse.

Now as some of you who have played Overwatch may note, there are no horses in that game.

While this may seem gimmicky, or straight confusing as to why devs would add something this silly into a game, once in game it works out quite purposefully. You get your horse at the beginning of each round, and right after you respawn each time. Horses go probably like 3 or 4 times the speed of the average character, and if you’re shot while riding one you get knocked off and stunned for a bit. Once off your horse you can’t resummon it, you’re on foot.

The horses serve as an interesting way to get players back into the action of combat quickly, without having to worry about overpowered or under powered spawn points throughout the map. Also extremely useful if you’ve just spawned and want to quickly get to a good flanking position against the enemy team. In this way they provide a bit of an added layer of strategy, instead of just funneling your whole team down the shortest route to the objective, now you can easily spread out and group together without worrying about wasting too much time.

Also you can get this sick flame pony:


Second difference, Ults:

While abilities and character differences remain largely similar to Overwatch, incredibly similar in some cases…

My favorite difference in abilities lies in Paladins use of Ultimate Abilities. Again, largely the same, hit enemies to fill up your most powerful ability, the ults in Paladins feel incredibly more fulfilling than those in Overwatch. The OW ults have a tendency to end up feeling more like ‘press Q near a bunch of enemies to win’ whereas Paladins is more akin to using them at the correct moment in a fight. Instead of just killing everything in sight, you have abilites that make your temporarily invincible, turn enemies into chickens, and other more utility type actions.

There are of course still a few ‘press Q to win’ abilities, such as this characters ult which is a mix between a Tracer tossable bomb, and a DVA killing everything in sight explosion.


Also, her animated boob jiggling loop while standing completely still makes me really uncomfortable. Boobs don’t work that way. Game developers need to calm down on this stuff.

The game is Free

My final, and probably most importance difference between the two, while Overwatch is still sitting at a hefty $40 price-tag. Paladins is not only completely free-to-play, but it’s on Steam


If you enjoy Overwatch, or League, or TF2, you might as well check this game out.

I was pleasantly surprised, and I think you might be, too.


You can find ‘Paladins’ here:

Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/444090/



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